Good Morning & Happy Friday.

The Kool-aid man is breaking down the wall today.

Today is Friday 09/27/V3.4 & I’m hitting the ground.

Okay that is a Keith Urban song, but it works for today.

I don’t know how to start this entry, cause last night was awesome. I’m also in temporary possession of balloons.


They will be shared/given to the fantastic Maggie for her to keep. Better than flowers?

The word of the day is indubitable which is a thing that cannot be doubted; patently evident or certain; unquestionable.

Going a little different with the ‘first’ one. Although this is our date before our previously scheduled date. That’s how we are going to do things.

After our date, I’ll go home and take a nap. Cause I’m going to Oktoberfest tonight. Brad, Jim, & others will be there. You can also come to The Crescent Moon Alehouse. It is the biggest party. I’ll have this shirt on.

Last nights Taco Ride was great. Meet new people, saw the stars.

Well here’s to you having a fentastic FNP!