My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Monday Eve.

I’m just here hanging out with two of my favorite things.


A book & a piece of pie.

It was a good day, I didn’t go play tennis. I was a little, Saturday rolled into Sunday and I got up WAY too early. So I cam home and took a movie nap. You know when you put a movie on that you’ve already seen and don’t mind napping.

I then did that one thing, you know that Carly Rae Jespen wants us to do.

I then went to grab dinner, came home ate dinner. The Movie I decided on was Over Her Dead Body. A romantic movie, cause that is what I wanted to watch.

Tomorrow is Monday and we return from our 1 day hiatus from work. It is so hard to look at your right, cause you are sitting on my left side.

So what do we have to look forward to this week, well see previous paragraph.

At this point nothing unusual, except that I’m working on Thursday. Friday I’m helping out with the Volleyball games again.

Did you know that the Dominican Republic and Cuba are closer together than Nebraska is wide. IF you don’t believe me go to your favorite mapping service.

Make it So Number 1