Tires in a Row

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

Why are my IV car tire indicators in a row?


This inadquete display doesn’t help me solve anything from the seat of my pants.

More later after 13.00 or 1st break.

Today is Saturday 09/08/V3.3 & it is a good day to have an Egg Bagel with Jalapeno & Honey Walnut Cream Cheese.

I encourage you to visit Bagel Bin Omaha Nebraska – The ONLY Kosher Bakery in Town for all your QUALITY kosher bagel needs. You didn’t know you had kosher bagel needs did you. Well you do.

I can’t believe that about my tire pressure being off, since I just had a multi-point inspection the day before. Well I dropped it off at Old Mill Toyota, I’m sure they will get me taken care of.

I don’t know what the rules of whistle while you work is, but I hope it is okay. I just whistled. I also broke out in song, that wasn’t on the radio. I forgot the song, but I was doing it.

It looks like I want get a break in my morning shift, so you will see this shortly after I post it. Which will occur after I walk from work to my car & get my laptop.

The word of the day is manifold which is of many kinds; numerous and varied.

So far this morning, when I got up at 07.00. I did about 15 mins of interneting & then started my day. I was out the door at 07.30ish or so. I then got to watch a interview for a television station, took a picture.

I then realized that my SD card reader on my laptop isn’t function properly, that’s okay because when I get home at 23.00 I will get them upload. You will be able to see them at Vernon J’s Photos | Photographs by Vernon J & any other pictures I might take today.

I also made a few calls to see what Nebraskans are gonna do in November.

It was also cold last night, I didn’t have the heat on (I won’t until at least October 1st) nor did I have my footie Jammies on. But I made it though the night.

I have a 9 hour 36 min day ahead, I’ve already burned 1 hour & 24 mins. It’ll be fun. I brought a saladid, bananas, & some cookies(homemade & I couldn’t be prouder, I didn’t make them), I also have banana chips also. BUT a man can’t live on vegetables, dessert, & fruit alone.

I had this vision that there is a 35% chance I’ll go running on Monday. I have my reasons don’t judge me, just follow me with the golf cart, so when I get tired you can drive me back to my car or  bike. Depending on how I got there, yes I have no problem riding my bike, but running causes issues with my body. It just gives up after awhile. It’s a pretty short while.

Make the most of the rest of your Saturday!