My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Tuesday,

First & foremost let me say.

La da de da, la da de da, la da de da, la da de da!

If you follow me on instagram, you had a hand in choosing what I wore today.  At 11. 11.25 I posted a picture of the tie that I would wear.

Well now that you’ve been waiting 12 hours, I will show you the color picture.

Boogies falling out my nose, there’s boogies falling out my nose.

This is sad when someone’s car can be running for almost 3 hours & security doesn’t think it is an emergency. Yeah, I’m sure it is an emergency. I’d be hotter than that hood is going to be, burn if you touch it.

The current time is 16.37 & less than an hour to go before I go & dial the sick line, cause you know I’m sick. Work with me, not against me.

Let’s see how Omaha’s Team does against New York’s College Team. I want you to beat the boogies & snot out of them.

Well good job Ladies of the UNO Volleyball Team. We did beat them 27 – 29, 21 – 25, & 19 – 25. Did you know that Omaha’s Team leads The Summit League in Ace’s for the season?

Well I’m outta, see ya later.