Quotes from the World for Thursday 01/26/MMXII

Then, anger
was a crease in the brow
and silence
a catastrophe.
Then, making up
was a mutual smile
and a glance
a gift.
Now, just look at this mess
that you’ve made of that love.
You grovel at my feet
and I berate you
and can’t let my anger go.

Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.), Kashmirian king, compiler, author of some of the poems in the anthology which bears his name. translated from the Amaruataka by Martha Ann Selby, vs. 38, Motilal Banarsidass (1983).

Happy Thursday

Good Afternoon & Happy Thursday

I’ve been underway since 09.00 & have visited with 3 people today. Only 1 was person, 1 was to talk signs, the other was to get an account set up.

Today is Thursday 01/26/V3.2.

We have having nachos for dinner, so you better watch out.

I’m suppose to be better right now, that came to me earlier today. I should have a full-time job, working in an office 09.00 to 17.00.  How do I get there?  I apply & apply.  I’ve looked high & low different industries.

The word of the day is mettle which is courage and fortitude. NO the previous line was though of pre (word of the day).

I hope your morning is going well. Mines did wonderful, I went for a nice bike ride & took care of things.

What else is on my mind right now that could be different. I could have a ring on it, but I haven’t been in love since coming to Omaha. I’ve could’ve missed opportunities, but I’ve taken advantage of the last one & laid it out on the line.

Vernon J out, I don’t wanna be bringing out some tears right now.

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