Today I Shall

Well I’ve finalized my schedule for Thursday 01/19/V3.2 & it is an A & W schedule.

I’ve already eaten breakfast.

I’ve played some video games.

I’ve had great conversations via twitter & texting.

I’m not preparing for my day, if I have time I will make some Mostacholi Pasta for dinner.

I then will go to work & you know how that is. It’s work.

I will than make a special trip, to an unnamed  place. I know where I’m going, Jamie Z knows where I’m going.

I’m then coming home, at least that is my plan. It could change, PLEASE?

I’m then going to enjoy my dreamland.

What are you plans for Tuesday 02/14/V3.2? That’s Valentine’s Day to you & ME!

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-19

Did you forget something

Good Morning, Happy Thursday, & Welcome to the weekend.

Did you forget to do something kinda important last night? image

I forgot to lock the door. I’m okay, I made it safe obviously.

Today is Thursday 01/19/V3.2 & life is coming though an open door.

Well we start another journey for the 3rd weekend of MMXII & it is going to be well. I’m out of eggs, but I have bacon(its cooking right now), so that’s okay. But based on the egg less condo, I don’t get waffles today. I think I’ll be okay.

Well yesterday wasn’t as long as I thought it’d be, my 1st work appointment wasn’t until 13.30. We got down about 21.45. But I still had to drive home & I didn’t pull in until about 23.00. There was no Wacky Wednesday post work, makes me very sad. I did get to read though.

We don’t know what the day holds for Vernon J, but The Big Bang Theory is on.  Well about 30 seconds ago I didn’t know what I would be doing, but apparently I’m due to report in at 14.00. Apparently Penny & Leonard go on their 1st date again  This is exciting, as I’m going though a similar stage in my life. Except it isn’t a 1st second date, we’re are still working on the 1st official date. IF you wanna know the details, you know how to reach me. ALL contact info is below.

What is going on in your Love Life, or ‘I like you’ Life, or ‘I’m dating her/him’ Life?

The word of the day is shiv which is A Knife, especially a switchblade. Don’t forget the K, as it isn’t silent, because my friend Jamie is from Mokena, Illinois. If I pronounce the s, I have to pronounce the K.

Happy Weekend to You & ‘Your family’!