The Feel of Success

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

What is the feel of success to you? Well it starts with the sense of touch.

Today is Wednesday 01/18/V3.2!

Vernon J is going to Lincoln, NE today. I’ll be there in about 120 mins or less. I’m leaving the 681V1 in about an hour. I’m going to eat lunch today (as everyday), then eat dinner somewhere. It is going to be a late night, as I have to drive back to Omaha. It is where I live apparently.

The word of the day is persnickety which is Overparticular; fussy. I like being persnickety, do you have an issue with that?

Apparently there is a Stop SOPA & Stop PIPA movement today. I support this movement, but isn’t going dark. Unless I change my theme, I won’t be. Maybe, I just might do that. But don’t pressure me.

Have a GREAT Day!!!


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