Quotes from the World for Tuesday 01/10/MMXII

Those women
who can see their lovers
even in dreams
are lucky,
but without him
sleep won’t come,
so who can dream
a dream?

Hla Stavhana
Hla Stavhana (c. 50 A.D.), South Indian king, Prkrit poet. translated from The Gthsaptaat of Stavhana Hla by Martha Ann Selby, vs. 397, Nirnaya Sgara Press (1889).

Twitter Updates for 2012-01-10

On the board

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Agriculture makes the Nebraska Economy strong. I had some good quality pork yesterday, nope I don’t know if it was grown in Nebraska. Maybe that is something I should research when buying food. That isn’t going to happen, so you can just shut that down.

Today is Tuesday 01/10/V3.2 & if you know anything about the 10th of January then it is special.

I was thinking that I should be the co-host on Live with Kelly. But I don’t know if I can talk my way though the random stuff that doesn’t matter. I’m only watching today because NASCAR driver Carl Edwards is on. I love NASCAR, the first race of 2012 is about 40 days away. GO FAST, turn left, GO FAST!

The word of the day is paregmenon which is the juxtaposition of words that have a common derivations, as in “sense and sensibility.”

Are there any bills that need to be paid today?

Have a GREAT Day & Happiest hour ahead.