As we continue

I didn’t know what my 2nd blog entry for today was going to be about today.

But as I sit here I do know one thing.

What’s going on tonight?

Let’s go to a bar*, I’ll let you chose*.

I’ll be Lincoln Bound

I never know what my day is going to hold.

I’m going to Lincoln today, so if any of my readers our out there & wanna chill-lax tonight. Give me a ring-ding-dong,
I’d appreciate some fun.

I also have tomorrow off from my FT Job, but there is a appearance at my PT Job.

This isn’t the entry I promised you, it is like a bonus entry.

I missed the window

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

I missed my opportunity to put the frabic softner in the washer. I did get the dryer sheets in.

Today is Friday 01/06/V3.2 & its the start of the 1st FNP for MMXII

I shall start a little different with a weakness from work, yesterday. I wasn’t very happy, I’ve talked to 3 people about it & its done.

The word of the day is sprat which is A small or inconsequential person or thing.

Now that is a good word of the day. I had a good time with Julie, who had an unofficial Birthday Party. I also was able to meet someone that I had met at Karaoke. I wasn’t that fond of her at that time. At least I know where she works & all that jazz.

After that I went to Crescent Moon & did NOT become Mayor. Jim has stolen my crown, but I shall regain it with all expediate action. I then went to Cold Stone Creamery & that was a good experience. Although Amy didn’t remember me, but she made up for it.

The trip to Cold Stone inspired another great moment in Vernon J history. Thanks!

I then was able to go to a meeting in Sarpy County, it was a good meeting.

This post is 90% or more from my mobile phone. So excuse any messes.

That brings me to today.

The next blog entry should appear within the next XII hours. Until then.

Ride like the wind.

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