What a weekend

That was great.

Good Morning Beautiful.

Our was an amazing weekend. Nap all the days. Sports, friends, challenges & adventures.

Today is the 2nd of February in my 36th Year.

Thursday I worked both jobs & napped

Friday I worked one job, napped, was a dragon, went to Crescent Moon, went to UNO Hockey to see the #5 team win in overtime over the #1 team.

I also discovered fraud on my checking account, so that actually didn’t effect me too much.

Saturday I worked at Dunkin’, napped, ate dinner, watch about 1/2 of the Saturday game.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible. Look for photos later today.

How was your weekend?

December 26th

I’m on FULL mobile internet until at least Friday 12/26/V3.4.

Goo Morning & Happy Friday Eve.

Cox got disconnected during (sleeping) tune yesterday. CenturyLink won’t get connected until 12/26. Yes that’s a long time without home internet. Thanks for being there Sprint.

Today is the 11th day of December in my 36th year of Vernon J.

I think I’m on schedule for packing criteria.


I’m going in at ten tomorrow. There will be morning packing. Saturday & Sunday after work packing.

I work tonight, Saturday & Sunday morning. I’m working just six Monday. I’ll pick up the UHaul Sunday. I think I can be fully moved out of 11101 Wednesday. Lease isn’t up until the 27th. So I’ve got plenty of wiggle room.

Tomorrow is UNO Hockey day. Team Vernon J will be coming to you live from Section 128 row 2. Not my preferred 113, but you know.

Saturday night is game night with Marcy & Dennis. Excited for that break from life.

What does your weekend look like?


That’s all I did this Friday – Sunday.

Good Evening All.

I feel like I could’ve done more with it.

Today is Sunday the Seventh Day of December in my 36th year.

On Friday I worked overtime & went to Tina’s going away party.

Came home. Listened to the UNO Hockey game.


I've got my, Jennifer's, & Melissa's ticket for Friday's game.

I’ve got my, Jennifer’s, & Melissa’s ticket for Friday’s game.

Excited to go to the game.

I’m living alone again, going to have tiki get about that life.

Saturday/Sunday went to work from 0445-1200ish. Relaxed.

UNO Hockey did better last night.

The UNO Basketball team beat Milwaukee today.

Visit latest on UNO sports.

The word of the day is famulus which is a servant or attendant, especially of a scholar or a magician.

I’m watching AMC & The Sorcerers Apprentice is on.

I’m looking forward to this week. Same deal as last week, so far.

What do you have planned?

They are back

The ice gets hot at CenturyLink Center Omaha today.

Good Morning & Happy Monday.

The UNO Hockey Team plays today.

I'm proud to don this Crimson & Black again

Today is the 6th day of October in the 36th year of Vernon J.

I’ll post this picture:

Your guess it’s easy.

The word of the day is azoth which is the universal remedy of Paracelsus.

I had a nice weekend. I bought my first Ultra Mega Pack of baby wipes fir the first time. Brad & Sharon are having baby number two. They had a little party Saturday night.

Good times & laughs. I met an England citizen, I also met an English-Brazilian 1st Generation American. His dad is from Brazil.

That’s it for now.

Great Job

The UNO Hockey Team did a fantastic job last night.

Good Morning & Happy #FNP!

I stayed up to watch the entire, totally worth it. The longest I’ve stayed up all week.

Today is Friday 03/14/V3.4. Today is pi day & it is also Dana’s 62nd Birthday. Wish him a Happy Birthday on Twitter. He is @OmahaDriver.

So I took this
picture & my mirror had a mark from my hair on it. I posted the pictures via the fanpage on the local TV Stations. So I’m happy to announce that the mirror is now clean.

My wrist hurts.

I think I’ll go for a bike ride after work today. Do dinner exploring around the area.

What are you doing this weekend?

Today’s featured photo is from https://twitter.com/rachtiu/status/339171820081135616/photo/1 to celebrate the FNP!

Hotter Morning

It was 10 – degrees when I woke up this morning.

Good Morning & Happy Monday.

I wore a jacket this morning, no mittens, no head covering.

Today is Monday 03/10/V3.4 & I feel again. One Republic is just singing that to me right now.

I had a nice, relaxing Sunday & Saturday.

I did the haircut thing on Sunday.

If you're keeping count that is two this year.

I cut it myself on the balcony. Y’all know how I feel about waiting at the salon. I DON’T.

The word of the day is geomancy which is geographic features or by figures or lines.

On Saturday I went & saw 300: Rise of an Empire. This movie was great, I don’t know what it was rated & don’t care. It ran concurrent with the time frame of 300. They mentioned that King L was marching, they hasn’t died yet. They did eventually.

This was based on the navy portion of the Greeks & Persians. The last commander was born Greek, Persian by choice. Same old war tale, family killed, taken & used as a salve. Rescued by the messenger who got himself kicked in the pit.

King L’s wife/widow is the face/voice of the city-state Sparta. They do partake in the final sea battle, but it is pretty much over at that point.

They also discuss how Zerkes come to power & the ‘god-king’ he is. Hint it is a womyn’s plot.

Well tomorrow is the United States Republican Senate Debate. Visit the NEGOP‘s site for more detail.

Speaking of ratings, we are at the point we should get rid of the MPAA. It is time for parents to tell their own kids if they should see a movie.

I watched Action 3 News from 0530 until I left home. They mentioned in type CU & UNL basketball conference playoffs. Deanne mentioned the UNL winning the championship. No mention of UNO hockey conference playoffs.

Well I will, they play Thursday, Friday at 1907, & Saturday at 1937 if necessary. UNO students get tickets for $5, those folks get them more expensive. Visit OMavs.com for more details & to purchase tickets.

Have a great day.


We are along for the ride.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

BUT I want to drive.

Today is Wednesday02/26/V3.4 & it is my long day.

So yesterday was great, I got my new corrective lenses. You can see photos here, I also went and saw Robocop.  It was a fantastic movie, a new take on the classic.

Picture is from Collider.com
The Science of Robocop

I guess if you haven’t seen the first you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

It was definitively a well done job. I think it is an Oscar Contender for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, & Best Supporting Actress.

Your move Academy of crap that is totally worthless to me  I don’t actually care about.

The meeting at the hotel was good, fun times that to Spencer and TJ. No you wouldn’t have missed it if you weren’t there. What you don’t follow us on twitter? Guess you should. Vernon J Omaha (Vernon_J_) on Twitter,Spencer Head (Spencer_Head) on Twitter, & TJ Ewin (TJEwin) on Twitter. All Great Guys to follow, sorry ladies but Spencer is married.

The word of the day is fusty which is old-fashioned or out-of-date. There isn’t anything wrong with being fusty, it has worked all those years. Probably about time we have a little fusty going around.

I was thinking as I was heading home last night that Saturday is MY Saturday. I don’t have to do anything that isn’t fun, exciting, or professionally related. I’m going to the UNO Hockey Game. The Colorado College Tigers come into town, now that’s my kinda fun. Look for a pre-game notes either today or tomorrow from Omaha Athletics.

I hope you have a fantastic day, make it your own.

Fresh Aire

Don’t you love Fresh Aire?

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I always enjoy going outside on a brand new day. Starting with a greatness that is unchallenged by anything.

Today is Monday 02/24/V3.4 & it is Jenny’s & Nidhi’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Ladies.

Well my day also started out great with breakfast, waffles, bacon, eggs, Hiland Dairy’s 2% MIlk, and a 100% Fruit Smoothie. I made everything except the milk, it came that way from the local store.

As I was walking to the bus, I was thinking there is something I needed to do. Don’t really know what that thing is, but if it is important I will do it.

Well yesterday I didn’t do a blog entry, hope you didn’t miss it. I also didn’t see the finish of the 500, as it was rained delayed & it was my bed time. I figured that the winner would have already won the race at least once. NO I didn’t post that before right now, because it came to me when I was in bed. Once bedtime comes, bedtime stays, I’m not getting out of it until 0413 or 0400 as I did today.

The word of the day is malinger, which is to pretend illness especially in order to shirk one’s duty, avoid work, etc. I almost did that yesterday

Yes this was the Band-Aid brand product, so I can use the registered trademark. I also have very nice arms, I was quite impressed with that. Just sayin.
Brace Yourself, Swimsuit Season is coming.

, but my roommate called me out for doing it. NOT that I would deny the fact that I took a picture with my band-aid on to illicit some sympathy. I did give myself a shot & it did hurt.

Well the weekend was good, we all behaved ourselves in Norfolk, except for the people who left the meeting early. Which means we couldn’t endorse candidates, although there is 1 that I know at least 2 people didn’t want to endorse. I can’t tell you who they are, cause I don’t know one of their names, not that they would want me to tell you anyways.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Next Governor & US Senator from Nebraska. I don’t know who that will be and I don’t know who I will be voting for at this point in time. But I can guarantee that person will be a Republican and will have my support on November 4th, 2014.

I am also happy to say that I will be voting for Brian on May 13th. Brian Buescher for Attorney General, I will also be voting for Merv on May 13th Welcome | Merv Riepe for Legislature.

Got back Saturday Night and just relaxed, read my book, and went to bed.

Friday we went out for a few pints, I think I had 2 & was still home by 1915. Don’t make me get crazy, it was a fun time though. Next week the Fish Fry starts, so Melissa I won’t be going to the Friday UNO Hockey game. Maybe next year we’ll go to one, I’m thinking about getting season tickets.

Have a great day. This entry is now 535 words.


Today is a simple day,

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

There were oats for breakfast, a PB& J sammich for lunch.

Today is Friday 02/14/V3.4 & it is Jennifer’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Jennifer.

Well Valentine’s Day is finally here. The day we all have been preparing for since about December 20th. Don’t do anything halfway, yes some things have changed since then. No Break-ups, therefore no Make-ups for me. I’ve met new people, I talked to people I’ve previously met. I’ve got my collections

Well I’m hoping your day/weekend is great.

Who’s looking forward to a new adventure on Tuesday? Monday is a holiday so there will be a new adventure.

The word of the day is schatzi which is sweetheart, darling.

Hopefully I’ll get to the UNO Hockey game tonight, I guess the question is who will I go with?

Vernon J is leaving for now.