2 degrees more.

Ah its Thursday. The 1st day of the #weekend. Let the weekend swagger conmence. That’s about 2 more degrees of sway to the left or right than on Sunday – Wednesday.

Happy Morning.

Going to be a great day for Team Vernon J.

Today is Thursday the 10th day in the seventh month in my 36th year.

The missing item isn't food

Work(s) was amazing yesterday. I provided funny customer service at the donut shop. Well the customer laughed so that means funny, right?

The word of the day is grok which is to understand.

Today is laundry day & I’m okay with that. I’ve got to work 13.87 hours at First Data the rest of the week. Go onto Dunkin’ Donuts at 1800 today, 1600 tomorrow, & some time Saturday & Sunday. Check the calendar.

U Can’t Touch This is playing now.

Have a good day.

What did you do?

Oh, you’ve broken the website.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

I can’t fix this site, I don’t know what you did.

Today is Wednesday 04/30/V3.4 & I’m having a good time.

I’m listening to Jessie J’s album that had price tag on it.

The word of the day is axiomatic which is self-evident; obvious.

I had a good time yesterday. Work was work. The post work was the post work.

  • Read at the bar – check
  • Eat bacon at the bar – check
  • Discuss & agree to do skydiving at the bar – check (more details on this later in the year)
  • Laugh with friends & other people who might be friends but not really sure cause it stated as a professional relationship – check
  • Discuss the future – check
  • Have all that happen before eight – check check

Today in spending some more time in Midtown post work. Helping out Brian.

It is colder but less rainy then yesterday. I do not like it.

Project .J. is going well. Of course you don’t know what that is, cause I just gave it the name today.

Let’s just say “thinking” of, had a positive response.

Here’s a picture of my umbrella.


We are along for the ride.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

BUT I want to drive.

Today is Wednesday02/26/V3.4 & it is my long day.

So yesterday was great, I got my new corrective lenses. You can see photos here, I also went and saw Robocop.  It was a fantastic movie, a new take on the classic.

Picture is from Collider.com
The Science of Robocop

I guess if you haven’t seen the first you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

It was definitively a well done job. I think it is an Oscar Contender for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, & Best Supporting Actress.

Your move Academy of crap that is totally worthless to me  I don’t actually care about.

The meeting at the hotel was good, fun times that to Spencer and TJ. No you wouldn’t have missed it if you weren’t there. What you don’t follow us on twitter? Guess you should. Vernon J Omaha (Vernon_J_) on Twitter,Spencer Head (Spencer_Head) on Twitter, & TJ Ewin (TJEwin) on Twitter. All Great Guys to follow, sorry ladies but Spencer is married.

The word of the day is fusty which is old-fashioned or out-of-date. There isn’t anything wrong with being fusty, it has worked all those years. Probably about time we have a little fusty going around.

I was thinking as I was heading home last night that Saturday is MY Saturday. I don’t have to do anything that isn’t fun, exciting, or professionally related. I’m going to the UNO Hockey Game. The Colorado College Tigers come into town, now that’s my kinda fun. Look for a pre-game notes either today or tomorrow from Omaha Athletics.

I hope you have a fantastic day, make it your own.

I have 2 Questions

I have two SERIOUS questions for you today.

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday.

Why do the sale TP in single role & 4 pack?

Why would someone break open a package of shower curtain rings at the store?

Today is Tuesday 01/07/V3.4 & it is comparison shopping day.

The answers as Vernon J sees fit to the above questions are under the cut.

So since I have moved the desktop is now in the bedroom & my charger is jacked up on this laptop. I have to use pieces of furniture to brace it to charge. That really doesn’t work when the battery is low & I want to use it at the same time. So the debate is between a windows tablet & an android tablet.

  • I want one for under $300
  • It needs to be able to connect to my home network
  • It needs be able to access my Windows Media Center recordings.

The word of the day is lea which is a tract of open ground, especially grassland; meadow.

Tomorrow is my long day, I go back to work at the Community Center. Glad I like 95% of the #VernonJ you know & love.

I do not like it when people screw up. Don’t worry Jason this will be fixed today. It is easy to fix don’t worry.

Well the plans for the day have already changed, even though they weren’t set in stone. See how flexible I am.

Yesterday was a good day outside of work. Lots of people calling into work because it is cold. Did you forget where you live, Omaha doesn’t guarantee things.

Cold weather & the best decks in the world are two of those things. :-).

Hope you have a good day.

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Internet comments

Some internet comments make you go: Did you just really post that?

Then there are internet comments that make you LOL at work & have no shame.

I’ve experienced both of these in the last two hours.

I’ll let you decide which one this is:


In my neck of the woods we have a series of McDonald’s with a double order lane – for those unfamiliar, its essentially two order windows adjacent to each other – the left and right car place their orders, then merge into a single lane to pay for their order. While a great idea on paper – McDonald’s neglected to remember that most drivers lack the capacity to yield and merge…or for that matter exhibit the slightest bit of “turn etiquette”. What will inevitably happen is a driver in the first position will have a lengthy order – while a driver in the far right “second lane” will only be order a McChicken. The driver in the second position wraps up their order quickly and speeds ahead five feet to the primary pay/pick-up lane – if there is the slightest bit of congestion this driver’s front end will stall about five feet from where the primary driver would merge into the pay/pick-up lane. At this point the driver in window number 1 just wrapped up their order and inches up to merge. Driver number one is waiting for the car ahead of him to pull up to the pay window. The showdown begins – driver number two (who ordered the McChicken in the secondary lane) believes he finished his order first and should not yield to driver one…depending on the aptitude of driver number one…this could result in an impasse…that is only solvable through the use of heavy artillery.
And not to mention…the pain in the arse the secondary window causes for the cashier – he/she must verify every order because you never know who actually yielded/waited their turn.

Racist comments are now Sarcasm?

So now a racist act is now as Sarcasm?

Good Morning & Happy Saturday. Today is the 9th of November in the 35th year of Vernon J.

So I commented on this picture Dear americans, is this accurate? – Imgur, my user name is VJ68131. Vernon J 68131 incase you are wondering what that stands for. So the guy responds with this.
Capture Apparently the problem is that my sarcasm isn’t working. NOT the fact that you said a racist comment. I’m still not calling him racist, because I don’t know him. You shouldn’t defend your racist comments with humor. It was racist, deal with it.

Here’s to just accepting responsibility for what you do & say.

The word of the day is en bloc which is as a whole. 

I told two people that Thor: The Dark World was good. This was before I saw it. There was good laughs & serious parts. I’d smash a couple aliens with a Mini for you. If you were on the fence about seeing this movie, why? Also go see it. This isn’t a review of the movie, cause you shouldn’t read my reviews or anybody else’s.

So what’s going on today?

Just some photos

So while I was doing some stuff this morning/afternoon I came across a few I liked. I decided it was worthy of a blog post.

 Such peacefulness demonstrated by the world. 40 of the Most Powerful Pictures Ever Taken.. Its been posted before and a lot people have not seen them. Credit – Subject29 – Imgur

1 of 2 for internet explorer: one could ALMOST feel bad for IE… – Imgur

Yes, please turn the sound off when in public & I’m not talking about just at work.  I’m looking at YOU, trashy woman in the drivers license office – Imgur

We all have our sale items, this one is great.  Tesco now do back to school supplies for adults too. – Imgur

Internet explorer part II

 If IE can do it, so can you – Imgur

This is sad from SamiiRudd on twitter. sammi ruddy (RuddySammi) on Twitter Crying Girls – Imgur

Great picture, I won’t edit out the profanity. BUT I wouldn’t have used it.  Just a reminder. – Imgur

Dads! Rule!

What’s in a Thing?

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

What’s in a thing, what’s in that thing, what’s that thing?

Today is Tuesday 08/06/V3.4 & I might do something crazy today.

The Wolverine is showing at 1555 today & I just might go see it. That’s the crazy part about it. There’s also a 51% chance I won’t go see it. At this point we could go either way.

Today will be a 1 star weather day.
Today will be a 3 star weather day.
Today will be a 5 star weather day.

How many times have we heard a subjective term try to quantify something. What is the maximum number of starts. If there are 34 stars totally, that’s not such a good day is it?

So why do we do this to our selves. Isn’t life good enough?

So the US Department of State has requested non-essential personnel leave Yemen. Why don’t we just pull all of our personnel out of this unstable countries. When I was growing up & I didn’t play nice with my brothers & sisters. The parental units separated us, we probably should do the same.

The word of the day is eyetooth which is a canine tooth of the upper jaw.

So more on the hashtag #ASpoon, a spoon isn’t a unit of measurement. Cause a spoon can hold 10 ml, 20 ml, 30ml, any amount from a fraction of a ml to several l’s of an item.

So what’s new with you?

That was a Fantastic Undiscovered Night

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

That was

Any Questions
Any Questions

I’m pretty proud.

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

I also have to say that there were text received, that were not from me, so no good stories there.

The best story I have has already been told over and over. (song below). NOW the text I received in reply was interesting to say the list. BUT hey, I asked yesterday ‘Who Loved Me’ I guess someone out there isn’t afraid to say it.

Also yesterday I was texting my friend A.S. and she mentioned a path that she decided to take. I’ve also been debating that same path, well she did decided to do it. So I guess that proverbial ball is in my court. You know I do like a good game of racket ball. You know I did play a game once.

So I just installed Firefox on my phone, the app is 48+ MB. I moved to the SD card and it is telling me it is now 2.42 MB with 21.79 MB of data. That is interesting, cause the only think I’ve done so far is open it. I have a feeling this one will be uninstalled pretty soon.

The word of the day is yawp which is to utter a loud, harsh cry; to yelp; squawk, or bawl.

I’ve got more to come, I’m sure.