I really do LOVE Monday.

Good start to the Morning.

Even when I read stories that confuse me first thing. (See below).

Today is the 30th & Last day of June in my 36th year. Today is also Chris’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Chris.

Work will be anywhere from 10 – 12 hours today. 9.58.6ish at First Data. Follow me on twitter to see when I leave. Then it is inventory day at the donut shop, about an hourish. #shoutout to Regan who came to the store while I was working.

The word of the day is rident which is laughing; smiling; cheerful.

As a sidenote. Yeah Boy.

A busy week for this guy. I work everyday this week. 10 shifts. Thanks to the Birthday of my country I only have to work 32 hours at First Data. I have scheduled 25.5 hours at DD. W 1600 – close, T & F 1800 – close, S 0700 – 1400. Stop by for a drink or two.

Here’s that smile that I talked about.

Do. This.

So after leaving with last night the 1st sing that played was Loving you is Fun.

Good Morning & Happy Laundry Day.

A. Cause it is Fun.
B. I made it home in one song.
C. Angela it is hotter this morning.

Today is Thursday the 26th Day of June in the 36th year of Vernon J.

Working at the 108th store is easier. There was just two of is last night, no I don’t know if that is normal. But I can tell you being home by 2130 had it advantages.

A. I don’t have to go to work later the next day.
B. More Windows
C. Closer to Hyatt where I have friends or associates who work there.

The word of the day is blithesome which is lighthearted; merry; cheerful

We’re doing pretty much the same routine. Just fewer hours at First Data.

I’m listening to Thong Song (Explicit Version) cause apparently there is a non-Explicit Version. In what world?

That’s it for now.

Have a great day.

Enjoy this.

Norfolk bound

Hanging out at the Norfolk County Club.

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

The NEGOP State Central Committee Meeting is today.

Today is Saturday 02/22/V3.4 & it is a difference day.

So we hit the road about 7 from Omaha, made it to Norfolk safe and sound. The meeting starts at sometime after right now.

So I’ll be doing that all day today, no big plans other than that.

Get home and be home.

The word of the day is razz which is to deride; make fun of; tease.

Friday was a fantastic day and time. Went to work, got some new sheets. Had a few with the boys.

What are you doing today?

what did you do yesterday?

Heading & it’ll be alright

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

We are headed in the right direction, currently south on 42nd.

Today is Sunday 09/29/V3.4 & it’ll be alright.

I was disappointed in something that happened on Friday morning. But I asked the important question and got the answers I needed. This happens. All is well on the team.

Yesterday was a great day. Work, NASCAR, nap, connecting with leaders in the Omaha community. Good luck to everyone running & serving. It takes quite the effort to do what you have decided to do.

The word of the day is contrail which is a visible condensation of water droplets or ice crystals, occurring in the wake of an aircraft.

I’m heading to church today, haven’t been in a while. This is why I changed my schedule to accommodate. It is also coming upon the snow season.

After church the world is WIDE open until 1500. Going to go play tennis, or whatever happens out there. My tennis game is worse than my golf game.

I have at least two things I need to do. One of those is cook so I can eat. I told her I would do that. She asked if I was cooking. She is happy I cook, just wait until she taste it.

What am I looking forward to this week? Since I don’t have any work or activities of daily living planned. Im looking forward to EVERYTHING!

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy #FNP Eve.

Well it is 23.47 on a Thursday Night. I’m somewhere in Iowa. I am somewhere between Council Bluffs & Meniola IA.

I went on the Taco Ride tonight.

It was a Fentastic Time.

I met Theresa (who may have a boyfriend), so take that for what’s it is worth. Her Birthday is 05/29/1987 & we ALL know how special #0529 is to Vernon J

I also met Whit, I can call her Alyson. I asked. I also got her phone number & Birthday! I asked her Birthday First. Cause you know I do it right.

I got a flat front, I got a soft flat after work last night. I used my emergency air pump. Cause that’s what it is for.

I checked my air pressure before I left. I filled up at Tobey Jack’s Steakhouse. Jennifer wonders if that is the BEST steakhouse in Mineola? I’ll probably never know.

Well I had a spare tube & got that filled up. I rode like the guy I can, Scott had a flat so I caught up with Jennifer, Mark, & Scott before we got to the end of the ride. I then also had to circle back to make sure Mark was okay. He was!

We know are listening to 94.1 FM, incase you were confused about our American Band Stations.

Vernon J is now on the highway.

Where Are Your Glasses?

Good Morning & Happy FNP,

That’s a good question, they are on my bathroom counter.

Today is Friday 04/19/V3.3 & it is an I can’t wait to see you again kinda day.

I knew I didn’t have my glasses on when I went in the kitchen.I just didn’t take the time to put them on. I can see MOST thing just fine. I know your smile.

Although Tamara is at Walmart ® to help, misses her bed, she has no clue what a plum is.

Check out my plums

These are plums. I thought they looked good, but they could be NOT GOOD.

The word of the day is cornice which is a mass of snow, ice, etc., projecting over a mountain.

So let’s run down Vernon J’s agenda today.

A. Leave home – done
B. Catch #OMetro Route 2 – done
C. Wait on a street corner – done
I. Get passed by the bus driver – done
II. Don’t save this post – done
III. Laugh – done (more than once so far)
D. Get on #OMetro Route 13 – done
E. Smile – done
F. Get some plums, an apple, and talk about Tamara’s bed – done.
G. Get to work & post this entry. – done.

Have a FanTasTic day everyone.

This is draft number III.

To the last penny

Good Afternoon & Happy Tuesday, bY

I was going to do this post on my way to the movies. I didn’t go to the movies, I had a change of plans.

Today is Tuesday 03/26/V3.3 & it is a great day.

I didn’t go see the movie, due to commitments to work. That I need to go to Place 4121 & Place 7007. I had to get things done. So instead of watching a movie, I took a nap. That’s how Vernon J gets things done.

So apparently Barack Obama is proud of the fact that he is the first President of the United States of America to say ‘Say Same Sex Couples Should Be Able to Get Married. He is also the first President of the United States of America to not present a budget when he is required too on at least 4 occasions. So look at this picture.

YES I get fired up when people don't do there job.
YES I get fired up when people don’t do there job.

The word of the day is wrest which is to take away by force.

So I went to Definitive Vision to get my correction lenses looked at, they are rubbing on the back of my ear & need to be adjusted. They were closed until 13.30, but those are not their posted hours. I’m pretty disappointed in that behavior. Also my Sprint phone had a terrible time connecting to foursquare & posting service.

I’ve also figured out when my new shift will be. Starting Sunday, 06/03 I’ll be working 06.00 to 15.30 Saturday – Thursday. I wanted morning shift, so I can go to my other two jobs. They had an 11:00 to 7:30 shift, but that would’ve screwed up my ability to work my 2nd & 3rd jobs.

Getting off at 15.30 actually helps, I can get to the other office by 17.00 & work till till 20.00 or 21.00. But first I get though VIII wekks of training which runs from 09.00 to 15.30. 1st shift, I hope you’ll welcome me back with open arms. We can do this.

Well that’s it for now.

Vernon J out

Donuts, Bacon, & Political Jokes

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

I had a Donut from the Donut Professor. I had like III to IV pieces of bacon, & Crash Davis better keep his hand off my bacon. Ed gave a GREAT political joke.

Today is Saturday 03/02/V3.3 & it is a combine my dry ingredients.

I’m watching Food For Thought with Claire Thomas. The food/desserts that she makes looking good. Here’s the recipe for the cake, Cream Cheese Pumpkin Cake

Ed Truemper who is running for City Council, visit his page Ed Truemper for Omaha City Council District 1 for more info. He is a good guy & if you live in District I you should consider supporting him in the upcoming City Election. Speaking of that I need to reach out to JR Jasso, who is running for District III. Who I just called. JR Jasso for City Council

I hope my co-workers like my singing, well it is Too Bad if they don’t like it. Cause I’m about to play some MoTown & sing along.

The word of the day is mazuma which is money.

So what am I missing from my headline, I think I covered all 3 areas.

Well I’m hanging out at work posting on this blog, cause that’s where you get quality information about/from Vernon J. I even have the patience to update previous blog entries with current information.

Watching the Big 12 network, and they were saying how one of the players from Oklahoma was disrespecting the Texas fans by doing the horns down. Cause no fan has EVER taunted a player of the opposing team. As a member of the NMU Catpack, UNO Bullpen, University of Nebraska Omaha Athletics supports, I can assure that has happen. It will continue to happen,

I think that is it for tonight, looking forward to getting off at 16.00. I don’t have any special plans for tonight. BUT that could change. I’m just happy to be out of work before the sunsets today. The sun is set to set at 18.15. That’s funny I don’t care who  you are.

Venron J out.

Oh, Yeah

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

Oh, Yeah. I’ve got both my lunches made.

Today is Wednesday 02/13/V3.3 & it is Valentine’s Day EVE!!!

Well one of my lunches is during the standard 12.00 to 13.00 VST. The other will be dinner somewhere between 18.30 & 20.30. Cause that is how it is suppose to be done.

I get to be at the office(s) 13 hours today. That’s why my hashtag of the day is #13O. Apparently my default trend city is Portland, I don’t know if it is Maine, Oregon, or another city. Which one do you think it is?

This is on pause right now, I need to go brush, make my bed, & get ready to leave for work.

The word of the day is mainour which is a stolen article found on the person of or near the thief.

Good Day for the 1st Shift, reviewed what they went over in a meeting. I missed the meeting cause I was working my other job.

Can you donate blood? Visit to schedule an appointment today. I’m currently unable to give.

I’m westbound into work.

I got me some choclate (2 packages) as Valentine’s Day Gift.

I also made an alien at work today.

It may not be the best alien ever, but it is the best one I ever made. You’re welcome.

Vernon J out