Good Day

A good day was had by Vernon J.

It ain’t over yet though.

I’m headed to the UNO Volleyball game that I told y’all about earlier.

I got off work a bit before half after two.

Me & the roommate went to the Omaha Steaks store. We also went to Bag ‘N Save. I got myself a couple of these


They(well one) was delicious. 5 mins on medium each side on the stove top. Oven preheated to 350. 15 on one side 10 on another. Juicy & perfectly tender.

I got all the dishes washed :-).

Tomorrow I work at 0445, stop in for a dark roast with a coffee cake muffin. We’ll get you running before the snow comes.

Church tomorrow night.

What do you have planned this weekend?

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