Back to business

We return to business this week.

Good Morning & Oh have the stars been bright this past weekend.

We’ve got 65.50 hours this week, nothing planned Saturday Night., looking forward to an amazing week ahead.

Today is Monday the 14th Day of July in my 36th year.

So I did all three. I was super excited & left the bedroom thinking about my day. I remembered I want ‘dressed’. I had the fruits of the loom. That was fixed.

The word of the day isĀ tumultuary which is confused; disorderly; haphazard.

So this 3rd weekend of July was amazing. Thursday worked; Friday worked, met someone new. Saturday worked, met someone new Marcy she is married to my buddy Dennis, we hung out at the pool. We picked out a ring.

How was your weekend?

Sunday was also amazing. I worked. I cut myself at work.

But like I told Melissa, it makes me rougher.

I had a bowl of Ice Cream, watched a movie, The Internship was great.

Y’all have a good one now.