That’s some Good Fish

That’s some good blackened salmon at the Iron Skillet.

Good Evening from Hastings.

We stopped there for dinner on the way back.

Today is Saturday the 28th day of June in my 36th year.

It was amazing weekend in Omaha —> Hastings.

Worked 2/3rds of my job on Thursday. Worked my 6 hours 11 minutes on Friday. Came home took a little nap. Had a meeting them went to Hastings.

The 2014 State Convention was there. Here are some photos from today.

Also Friday Night Team Vernon J was expanded by at least 1. I would like to introduce y’all to Melissa.

Stayed tuned for more information. #0529

The word of the day isĀ clement which is mild or merciful in disposition or character.

New I’m chilling at home. I did and ironing. I’m watching racing.