G-Store before 07.00

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

I was at the Grocery Store before 07.00, you might have been sleeping OR you could’ve been awake.

Today is Friday 06/28/V3.4 & it is Annika’s Birthday!!!

Everyone wish Annika a Happy Birthday via twitter Annika (annika_stewart). She is awesome, we have know each other quite a while.

I’m sitting at the doctor. They saw my piece on Omaha Morning Blend.

After I leave the doctor, I’m going to drop off books at Omaha Public Library. The Willa Catha Branch! Putting 3 back in circulation.

The word of the day is mickle which is great; large; much.

Then I’m going to finish making my cake. I’ve already made the chocolate sauce & dipped a piece of bacon in it.

What are you doing today?

I also just got an invite for a Birthday Party at Fun Plex. That party happens at 22.00, I’m just waiting to decide if I want to be out that late. hmmmmmm!

I got up a little after 05.00, didn’t need my alarm today. My body knows when I need to be up. It is conditioned (seems like I spelled that right) to know when I want/need to be up.

I also need to go to the OPL Dale W. Clark branch. It was raining yesterday so I didn’t go.

Make it a fast day!