My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Friday Eve.

1st & foremost I learned that you can’t make things up on twitter.

The post has been deleted, but you can see it in my mobile alerts.
The post has been deleted, but you can see it in my mobile alerts.

Now if you follow me on twitter, you would know why this is funny.  I posted earlier about Omaha being the Best City in America. The United states of America, North America, & South America.

An unnamed reporter asked me if I had a source. I told her that my source was Vernon J & she could use as a reference. So it is funny, I’ve also made stuff up with Brianne also. I’ve also made stuff up with other people.

I like making stuff up.

There is also something else that was really good today that I wanted to report.

Well one of the ladies who does the Zumba class at Benson Community Center brought cookies in for a treat today. I appreciate that.

There is some stuff to go over.

Well tomorrow is Friday 03/29/V3.3 & it is the LAST Friday of the month.

I’ve now remembered what I wanted to talk about. I’m watching 180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School. So I just lost it again, I need to focus.

Oh yes, it is about my Birthday. You can RSVP to Vernon J’s 35th Annual Celebration of Vernon J, right here.

Stir Cove has announced all or a portion of their concert schedule. Well Trace Adkins is coming on Friday 06/07/V3.3 & it is going to probably be a GREAT show. Now there could be one dilemma for Vernon J.

The 4th Annual Cannoli Eating Competition & the 89th Annual Santa Lucia Festival. I just checked their facebook page and yes that event is the same weekend. The past III Cannoli Eating Contest have been on Friday. I’ve won all of them, I figure I can do it again this year.

oh, you must be wondering what the jist of this portion of the story is?

Well I think you should buy me tickets. The tickets are $40 + Fees, I’m sure if you go the box office, you can save on those unscrupulous fees. The tickets go on sale Monday 04/01/V3.3. IF you buy me a ticket, I promise to show up. You don’t have to get you a ticket, I’ll be fine going alone.