You’ve been lying?

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

Amy has been lying to Sheldon about being sick. So that he would take care of her.

Today is Friday 12/07/V3.3 & we are going to party.

I really couldn’t think of anything internal to start this blog entry with.

I did wake-up this morning & saw that it was light out. I was like, oh crap I’m late. BUT then I realized I didn’t have to be up until 08.28. NO I didn’t go back to bed, I got up early and started my day.

The word of the day isĀ howdah which is a seat or platform for one or more persons placed on the back on the back of an elephant.

So my day off yesterday was great. Went out & hung out with some friends at a Bar. I didn’t have anything to drink, once again proving that you can go to the bar & not drink. It isn’t that hard, it is called responsibility. You might want to get you a cup of it.

I had me a delicious pork roast with some Jasmine Rice & got to read. YES I can read & it is quite awesome. The book I’m currently reading is also great, I could’ve read for more than 2 hours. BUT I had to work today. I won’t have that reason to put it down tonight, but I can think of another reason I will not be reading for hours on end.

Well make it a Grand Day & be who you are going to be.