A blast 

​Seeing (friends & associates) kids grow, will I miss that in my life? 37M (not married).

Ugly Sweater

The funniest thing I heard this week. 

Employee 1: I didn’t know we could wear ugly sweaters, employee 2 is wearing one. 

Me & employee 2 look at him, I laugh & say that’s not an ugly sweater, then proceed to inform employee 1 that was a good burn. 

Employee 2 comes up with reasons to indicate that any sweater can be ugly. #FunTimes

The Divorce

​As ‘we recover’ from the news of Angelina & Brad dissolution of marriage. Let’s focus on 3 things. 

  • There are children involved & we want the best for them. 
  • They have done good works throughout the world, let’s hope that continues. 
  • Most importantly, let’s remember. It ain’t any of my, yours, or the media’s business. 

Thanks for reading

Phone off, so? 

​My phone turned off woke I was sleeping. 

For some people that would be an issue.

Like other people, I use my alarm to get up and start my day.

Apparently that doesn’t matter, my body woke up 8 mins prior to the alarm today. 

Thanks you highly functioning body. 

Your case

​HEY, HEY.  it’s #Monday. 

Psst. Your #CaseOfTheMondays is what you make of it. 

I’m going to have an awesome one.  

Who’s with Vernon J & the plan of smiles? 

The bathroom

The public school bathroom issue.

Let me solve it. 

You have the multi-user bathroom. A birth male, a birth female.

You then have a single user bathroom, when someone identifies different than their birth. They use this bathroom. 

Any questions? 

Half Moon

As I had into work today, the moon is (appears) to be half full. 

We all know that it is always there, but in the right light it can be halfway in. 

I’m always going to give you my FULL attention. Let’s do this. 


​This is day 13,546. Are you ready? Does or journey begin today or on Day 13,547th? It’ll be a great ride, I don’t care if you’re driving or I’m driving. 

Let’s enjoy this ride though. 

Join Team Vernon J today. 


What would Vernon J look like 30 pounds heavier.

Well McKenzie Fullford found out how McKenzie does story from livewell nebraska.

Vernon J will never been 30 lbs heaver, (5 sure), unless he is carry 30 lbs of heaviness.