My Evening Report

Good evening, how was your Monday?

:58 after the hour is what I wanted to talk about.  I set my alarm for 09:58 instead of 10.00 I don’t know why I did that, but so far so good. OKAY, we are just 1 day in, but that’s something, right?

I posted on twitter early how people were mean at work today. NOT my co-workers, our customers.

That’s it, unless something amazing happens between the time I go from here to bed.

Where’s my book. I’m currently reading Blood Ties.

Hunger Games

I finished reading The Hunger Games.

The entire series.  It can take you about a week to do it. It’s about 792 pages. So if you can read about 56.5 pages an hour, you should be done by this time next week.

I won’t spoil it for you.

I’ll just say the Spirit of Humanity RULES!!!

I’ll probably go to the midnight showing, hopefully Amy E. or other people I know can make it.

Another Done & Done.

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

I started reading Hunger Games right about 20.00 last night & finished it during the 02.00 hour. Thanks to my friend Amy, who let me borrow them.She let me borrow them because I asked. I also asked another question. So the 1st day of March was successful, here’s to the rest.

Today is Friday 03/02/V3.2 & its the last regular season Hockey game for Omaha’s Team.

The word of the day is cant which means to talk hypocritically.

Hmmmm. I’m not sure if I have anything else to blog about right now.


Good Morning & what shall be impressive today.

What shall be impressive today, I don’t know.  I woke up with a smile on my face. NOT a bad way to start my day.

Today is Monday 02/27/V3.2 & it is time for the Daytona 500.

It was rained out yesterday so it is postponed until HIGH noon today.

The word of the day is flexuous which is Full of bends or curves; sinous.

I had an amazing weekend, I won’t rehash Thursday & Friday. But Saturday was good as well, took care of some business. Saw a hockey game, we didn’t win but it was a good game. I reiterated that I don’t negotiate with terrorists, this gentlemen is a good person. He just wants what I want & HE CAN’T.


Sunday was suppose to be dedicated to the 54th Daytona 500. That happened. I also went to Old Chicago for dinner with a friend, we caught up. I then answered a call for The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services. I was able to respond to a house fire, it was only 1 hour out of my evening. It wasn’t like I was doing anything else. Plus I got to get some reading done.

I finished reading a book, see my previous post. At that point I wasn’t done reading it, but I got it done before the clock ‘struck’ midnight. I’m pretty sure I was doing a quality control on the inside of my eyelids at that time.

Today consist of me writing a speech to deliver to the DCRP meeting tomorrow about my campaign.

I’m also hoping to get the call, that’ll make me jump up & down. I don’t control when that call is made, so I will wait.

I hope you have a GREAT Day!!!

Line from a book

I may have to wake you in the middle of the night,” he whispered. “Just so you know I’m holding you.”

That’s so romantic.

Page 321 from Summer of Fire.

Invisible (Ivy Malone Series #1)

I finished a book on my outbound trip to (rich people land).

The book is Invisible (Ivy Malone Series #1).

It is about a LOL who is being a vigilant neighbor & in the process comes accross a murder. She solves it.

I then start to read a second book.

I like my eReader.

Reading Habit

I’ve fallen into the good habit of reading a book until I’m done.

I’m currently reading The Cobra by Frederick Forsyth.

I finished The Keeping by Nicky Charles. on Saturday.


13 Little Blue Envelopes

I had the privilege of reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson( It was a free selection on my e-reader.  It was shorter than the last book I read, by about 500 pages.

The book is about a niece who’s aunt has recently passed away. She gets a letter with 4 rules & $1,000.  She must follow the rules, otherwise she can’t take the journey.

Of course she breaks the rules, because she can’t live by her Aunt’s rules.  It isn’t as bad as I make it seem.

It is a good book.

Vernon J’s Schedule for this week

Well what Vernon J is doing Monday has already been stated in a previous blog entry.
Tuesday – All About Omaha is having January Happy Hour at Max & Joe’s Belgian Beer Tavern which is a member of Beer Corner USA.  Where the BEST BAR in America is located.
Wednesday – I’m going to the Library to get my books, I need to go online & reserve em today.  Omaha’s Team is in action at 17:30 & 19:30.  Basketball at Sapp Fieldhouse, all the cool kids will be there.
Thursday – I’ll do some laundry, this is actually one of my nyr to do laundry on Thursday.  I will probably also go to the library.
Friday – The FNP is here & it a MAJOR sponsor this week.  Become a fan of Vernon 3.0 & Beyond for the BIG annoucment.
Saturday – Celebrate Nebraska 2011 is happening. The Governor’s Ball is that night.  YEAH!!!!

What are you doing this week?