2 Days

We are less than 2 days away from Sunday.

Good Morning & Happy Friday.

You’re smart, I bet you knew that.

Only 3 5 people knew what I’m doing Sunday. Before I posted this.

My plans changed from previous sliced intentions. I won’t be doing the spaghetti feed. World’s Largest Spaghetti Feed, EVER!

A great morning to be sharing my story with you.

The word of the day is higgledy-piggledy  which is in a jumbled confused, or disorderly manner.

I had a G.R.E.A.T. breakfast.

I’m working a little under 8 hours at First Data today. I’m then going home, a nice Easy night at home. Probably going to watch some NASCAR practice & qualifying. Just some Sprint Cup Qualifying, trucks race tomorrow during work.

I’ve had a good week. It was an easy week, just III shifts at Dunkin’ Donuts. V at First Data.

I’m happy it isn’t raining today, I guess it’s not foggy either. But you can’t see fog when it is dark.

On Saturday is Oktoberfest German-American Society style. Might become a member this year.

On Sunday we have church & a special outing.

Let it Shine.