Do. This.

So after leaving with last night the 1st sing that played was Loving you is Fun.

Good Morning & Happy Laundry Day.

A. Cause it is Fun.
B. I made it home in one song.
C. Angela it is hotter this morning.

Today is Thursday the 26th Day of June in the 36th year of Vernon J.

Working at the 108th store is easier. There was just two of is last night, no I don’t know if that is normal. But I can tell you being home by 2130 had it advantages.

A. I don’t have to go to work later the next day.
B. More Windows
C. Closer to Hyatt where I have friends or associates who work there.

The word of the day isĀ blithesome which is lighthearted; merry; cheerful

We’re doing pretty much the same routine. Just fewer hours at First Data.

I’m listening to Thong Song (Explicit Version) cause apparently there is a non-Explicit Version. In what world?

That’s it for now.

Have a great day.

Enjoy this.