Fresh Aire

Don’t you love Fresh Aire?

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I always enjoy going outside on a brand new day. Starting with a greatness that is unchallenged by anything.

Today is Monday 02/24/V3.4 & it is Jenny’s & Nidhi’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Ladies.

Well my day also started out great with breakfast, waffles, bacon, eggs, Hiland Dairy’s 2% MIlk, and a 100% Fruit Smoothie. I made everything except the milk, it came that way from the local store.

As I was walking to the bus, I was thinking there is something I needed to do. Don’t really know what that thing is, but if it is important I will do it.

Well yesterday I didn’t do a blog entry, hope you didn’t miss it. I also didn’t see the finish of the 500, as it was rained delayed & it was my bed time. I figured that the winner would have already won the race at least once. NO I didn’t post that before right now, because it came to me when I was in bed. Once bedtime comes, bedtime stays, I’m not getting out of it until 0413 or 0400 as I did today.

The word of the day is malinger, which is to pretend illness especially in order to shirk one’s duty, avoid work, etc. I almost did that yesterday

Yes this was the Band-Aid brand product, so I can use the registered trademark. I also have very nice arms, I was quite impressed with that. Just sayin.
Brace Yourself, Swimsuit Season is coming.

, but my roommate called me out for doing it. NOT that I would deny the fact that I took a picture with my band-aid on to illicit some sympathy. I did give myself a shot & it did hurt.

Well the weekend was good, we all behaved ourselves in Norfolk, except for the people who left the meeting early. Which means we couldn’t endorse candidates, although there is 1 that I know at least 2 people didn’t want to endorse. I can’t tell you who they are, cause I don’t know one of their names, not that they would want me to tell you anyways.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Next Governor & US Senator from Nebraska. I don’t know who that will be and I don’t know who I will be voting for at this point in time. But I can guarantee that person will be a Republican and will have my support on November 4th, 2014.

I am also happy to say that I will be voting for Brian on May 13th. Brian Buescher for Attorney General, I will also be voting for Merv on May 13th Welcome | Merv Riepe for Legislature.

Got back Saturday Night and just relaxed, read my book, and went to bed.

Friday we went out for a few pints, I think I had 2 & was still home by 1915. Don’t make me get crazy, it was a fun time though. Next week the Fish Fry starts, so Melissa I won’t be going to the Friday UNO Hockey game. Maybe next year we’ll go to one, I’m thinking about getting season tickets.

Have a great day. This entry is now 535 words.