Pass, Pass, GS, Pass

So I went Karting yesterday, there are pictures on the internet. Visit Photographs by Vernon J

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday. Today is Tuesday 11/05/V3.4 & Vernon J returns to work today.

I passed 3 cars, and there was a wreck with another one. She was texting and driving, so she deserved it.

The word of the day is pol which is a politician, especially one experienced in making political deals, exchanging political favors, etc.

How do you explain to a 12-yr old that you are just so awesome. I don’t think they’d understand. I just went with the sometimes you do something you can’t explain. When I met Sara I gave her my card and wrote my blood type. Her (the 12 yo) sister told her she knows EVERYTHING. I informed the sisters that the older one wasn’t telling the entire truth. Them asked her my blood type. So much burn.

Well today stays a new adventure.