The Nebraska Governor’s Race

The following is a post from Gerard Harbison visit his blog The Right Wing Professor’s blog  posted on Leavenworth St. via the comment section. The setup that I HATE!!!

OK, here’s a sanctimonious little lecture for you all.

I’ve known Mike Foley for around 15 years. I’ve worked with him on a few issues. while I’ve disagreed with him on a couple of things, I think he’s an extraordinary politician and human being; hard-working, ethical, principled.

I met Pete Ricketts once. I liked him. His help on the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative was invaluable, and not necessarily popular with the establishment. I know about his politics and his business dealings, and I find them admirable. (He’s also the richest guy I’ve ever met, except perhaps for Bono)

I have never met Charlie Janssen, but I’ve gone out of my way to defend him online. I’ve really liked the way he’s stepped up in the legislature to take on issues that are anathema to the LIncoln/Omaha elite.

And I don’t know Beau McCoy at all, but that’s probably my fault for not paying attention.

Point is, any one of these would be an excellent governor, and vastly superior to any democrat alternative. I know nothing bad about any of them, and will whole-heartedly support any one of them in the general election. I have a personal preference, based partly on better acquaintance, but I’m not interested in dragging any of them down. If we’re going to compete, let’s do so by saying what’s good about our own candidate, and not by denigrating the others; ultimately, that hurts us in the November election.

Signed, Pollyanna.

This sums up what is happening in the 2014 Governor’s Race.

We have an opportunity to have a strong slate of candidates running for Governor. The day after the primary election we need to stand together behind our candidate.

Also it is kinda hard to run a campaign without a website.

Pete Ricketts for GovernorCharlie Janssen | Republican Governor | Stand with Charlie

I was going to include the other candidates websites, but there aren’t any.

As of the current time I haven’t decided who will get my vote in May. The best person for the job will get my bubble.