Chicken Nuggets

Kylon responded to my request for more information.

He wants me to talk about Chicken Nuggets.

I made breaded Chicken Breasts yesterday, I was thinking of making chicken nuggets. I didn’t.

But Chicken Nuggets are pretty easy to make.

You get you some boneless chicken breasts & cut those into chunks.

Now you roll those in bread crumbs, you can add seasonings to your taste.

Now at this point you can fry or bake them. Clearly baking them is the healthy option, but if you do chose to deep fry them.

Get some Pasta, I would go with Alfredo & a nice salad with that.

BOOM, you got a nice health dinner. You also know where the chicken nugget came from.

Thanks Kylon for asking my thoughts.


7, 7, 7, 11, 81, 82

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Those are the percentages of a chances of snow from 22.00 to 02.00 on Wednesday 02/20/V3.3 though Thursday 02/21/V3.3!

Today is Monday 02/18/V3.3 & it is MONDAY!!!

Here is a photo from , I’ve included a link so you can check the data yourself.

  • A. It is winter & winter is hear until Wednesday 03/20/V3.3 at 06.01 VST.
  • B. When the snow starts coming down I’ll be sleeping & I see no reason why you wouldn’t be sleeping as well.
  • I am off Thursday, so my ‘care  factor’ is pretty darn low about the snow storm.
  • Although I did put in a request to leave work early, do to the alerts saying ‘Late Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon’ I work till 23.00 & that is ‘late Wednesday’ but the snow is coming on Thursday.
  • I’ve e-mailed Matt of KMTV Action 3 News. You can see him live at Noon today.

So now that is the official word on the snowstorm of the week. Any other questions?

Well let’s take a look at my calendar for the week.

Monday – Work VIII hours
Tuesday – Work VIII hours & it is Theresa Vaughn’s birthday,
Wednesday – Work III & one half hours
Thursday – Vernon J is off, but if you’ve read this far. You would already know that.
Friday – Work XIII hours.
Saturday – at the present time I am off. I’ll be going to church.
Sunday – Work VIII hours & it is the Daytona 500. GO FAST & tun left.

That’s my week, what are you looking forward to this week?

The word of the day is recant to withdraw or disavow a statement, opinion, etc., especially formally.

Mmmm Cheesecake for breakfast, that’s what being a grown-up is ALL about. Doing what I want that isn’t illegal, or illegal and taking responsibility for my actions.

I’m in a holding pattern for more to discuss.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Monday,

I had a good day at work.


I’m really proud to say this, nothing different happened at work. Still verified transactions, had a couple breaks and ate lunch.

Something amazing happened since the start of Sunday that carried me throughout my day. I’m okay with whatever that is that made me happy.

How was your Sunday, or day at work. It could’ve been both.