EMC night see ya tomorrow!

Vernon J Maybe, I gotta work overtime from 12 to 3

TS: She wasn’t talking to you lol


From that moment

Good Morning & Happy FNP!!!

From the moment you realized you didn’t make a mistake.

Today is Friday 02/15/Happy #FNP!3.3 & it is a What Was I Thinkin’ kinda day.

I don’t remember what I dreamed about last week, but I’m guessing that it wasn’t bad. Cause I had a great night of sleep.

I was going to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street last night, they didn’t have the version (1984) that I wanted. So therefor I didn’t watch it. I did watch Scandal 1st episode.  I was told it was a show to watch, by someone who didn’t watch it. I wasn’t impressed with that show & see no further reason to start watching.

I had a post midnight conversation (she wasn’t drunk, I didn’t ask & I didn’t say); I’m just guessing. No there was no ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’ exchanged, or any other late night business. It was just a worried person & ‘I know Vernon J’s UP’. I don’t sleep with my phone in my sleeping chamber, because it doesn’t belong there.

The word of the day is obnubilate which is to cloud over; becloud, obscure;

Have your read Psalm 51? It is below the cut. I attended my 1st Ash Wednesday (in my life). If you haven’t heard I’m converting to Lutheran.

So today I had this feeling that I needed to do something. That is a result of being out the house by 08.15 & getting up early yesterday and doing laundry. I get to go to work today, cheer on the University of Nebraska Omaha Track & Field, Softball, Women’s Tennis & Hockey Team!!! #OMavsHockey team. Visit for today’s schedule.

What else would you like me to talk about?

Have a GREAT day.

Vernon J on pause

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