1st Rule

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

The 1st Rule of IT is you don’t change users personal settings.

Today is Wednesday 10/24/V3.3 & it is the penultimate Wednesday of November of the 34th year of Vernon J.

What is your 1st Rule. It could be lots of things. I’ve posted that question to twitter, facebook, & foursquare. I’m waiting for lots of conversations to begin.

* facetious warning*

So the best daily paper in the Omaha metro posted a story about American Family Insurance dropping coverage on an individual.

I usually refrain from commenting on stories on their website, for obvious reasons.

So against all my previous experiences with those (editors & moderators). I made a witty, thought provoking, & insightful comment on that story.

Well my comment was deleted, but lucky I took a screencap of it. I e-mailed the author of the story, with a comment about the deletion.  He said he saw the comment. Another comment from someone else was deleted that said it was discrimination. Clearly this isn’t discrimination, this is how insurance companies work. I don’t see what the point is of having a comment section is if you are going to delete when someone does it.

With all due respect I due delete comments sometime. IF they are offensive or stupid in nature. YES I the judge of the what is offensive & stupid. So I guess what I’m saying is that is is a double standard.

The word of the day is delate which is to inform against; denounce or accuse.

I’m eating breakfast right now.

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Stay tuned for more 1st Rules.

The 1st Rule of Overnight Guests is to say Good Morning!