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Today’s Jones Bros Cupcake of the day was Apple Punpkin. I got the alert as I was coming home from work. I thought I would be one of the lucky 96, I was ‘96.1’.

I did score a Orange Vanilla, by score I mean I bought one. Just like you can do until 21:00.

Quotes from the World for Thursday 05/12/V3.1

Cruelty is a mystery, and the waste of pain. But if we describe a word to compass these things, a world that is a long, brute game, then we bump against another mystery: the inrush of power and delight, the canary that sings on the skull.

Annie Dillard
Annie Dillard (b. 1945), U.S. essayist and autobiographer. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, ch. 1 (1974).

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Twitter Updates for 2011-05-12

No One Does

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

Today is Thursday 05/12/V3.1 & it is 4 weeks until my 32nd Birthday. I have plenty of stuff that I need & some stuff that I don’t need.  I sure do appreciate birthday card though. You can send those to the address below.

So as we know its Thursday in MMXI, that means its laundry day for Vernon J.(yes that rhymes)

I don’t know what today hold, but it sure is a day to carry the good vibes over from yesterday.  Let’s Do It.

The word of the day is Zeitgeist which means the spirit of the time; the general intellectual and moral state or temper characteristic of any period of time.

I hope you have a wonderful day & think about it all the time.