Quotes from the World for Saturday 04/23/V3.1

Beneath the sun’s rays our shadow is our comrade;
When clouds obscure the sun our shadow flees.
So Fortune’s smiles the fickle crowd pursues,
But swift is gone whenever she veils her face.

Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso) (43 B.C.–A.D. 17/18), Roman poet. Tristia, 1.9. 11-14.

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-23

Are you ready to Rock & Dance

Today is Saturday 04/23/V3.1 & its a good day to Rock out to Skillet.

After breakfast I need to go & do a few loads of laundry.

I’m also heading to the Omaha Beef game. Kick-off is at 19:05, its a fun reason to be there.  NOT just because I said so, what else are you going to be doing at 19:05 on a Saturday?

My necklace is also ready at Kay Jeweler’s, so look for a stop there.

The word of the day is peregrinate which means to travel or journey, especially to walk on foot. I walked on foot to the G-Store yesterday.

Have a GREAT day & have alot of fun.

There's only one thing missing from this complete breakfast.

1st song of the day

This song comes to me & my readers via a person on follow on twitter. Cerridwen Cerridwen is Mother. Wife. Writer. Poet. Mystic. Conversational Rambler. 🙂