I hate the Mall and/or shopping

So I went to Target/Old Navy.  I got a couple pair of shorts, couple pilates dvd, and a band.  In this little venture, I happen to leave my wallet in the ‘Limo’ got it back though.

Wanted to get an umbrella, but all the ones at Target sucks.  I want a f’n awesome umbrella(like this one), so if you know where I can get a ‘golf’ umbrella let me know.  I really love this one(borrowed, my $5 one got into a fight with the wind) I got me an umbrella, I am now deciding if I should keep the black and red one or the new one

Tomorrow I am going to Westroads(The Saftey Fair 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.) so that’ll give me a chance to look at them.

M(805) from a Hockey Game Called. she has a boy(I’m assuming boyfriend)