Good Sign, Bad Sign?

Ex Girlfriend Birthday is June 27th.

A girl, lets call her AM(because she is a ray of sunshine, or that’s her name and I don’t won’t to reveal it yet), Birthday is June 28th.  I don’t think >she has a boyfriend.

Let me know, I have it on good authority that if KT likes a guy she may stare at him.

She has a job, which is like the #1 thing for a girlfriend of mines.

PSST.  Hey dumbass if you put a link to her profile, their really is no need to keep her name a secret.  (Therefore link was removed 2 mins later)

  • dang, I just missed the link

    • Least of my problems.

      I kinda sorta linked my LJ to facebook. It posted that blog in a note on my profile.

      Obviously I don’t mind people reading it, or I wouldn’t type it. But she so could have seen it, my friend Clint said he didn’t see it though.

      Have a good Sunday, I hope you watch the race.