Outside in March MMXXII

This is me sitting outside after my semi Annual Dental Visit.Everything was fine, @dominos couldn’t even deliver a pizza in the amount of time I was in there. In the 1990’s (a portion) they promised 30 minute deliveries.

Vernon J of Lincoln, outside.

Maybe Drive Thru cleanings can be thing.

Vote NO on LB1073

Remember 66,360,000 when you hear someone talk about passing LB 1073.

There is about
66 Million

350 Thousand

Taxpayer’s dollar sitting in an account waiting to be utilized for #RentalAssistance.

If we can’t spend $66,350,000, what makes you think we are going to be able to spend 266,350,000?

Vote NO on LB1073.

3 Months

Today is Wednesday!!!

Today is 2022.03.09!!!

Today is just 3 months away from the The 44th Annual Celebration of Vernon J.

Today is not too early to start planning.

Single Game Tickets for Omaha Storm Chasers are on sale NOW & yes they do play on that Thursday. It is also #ChasersCommunity Night.

The Batman – The Review

Good Afternoon,

So ole Vernon J went & saw The Batman on Saturday!!!

The Review is now being posted.

There were men & women in the movie.

There were explosions.

People Died, People Lied.

There were not one, but two motorcyles & two motorcycle riding scenes.

There’s my review!!!

Visit a Friend

Happy to share this story.

I worked with Adila at Dunkin’. A good friend of mines, if you are in Lincoln. Stop in & grab a bite from Lincoln’s Own Malaysian restaurant. Rendang Malaysian Cuisine!!!
Tell em Vernon sent you(you won’t get a discount).