Can we solve SSA solvency?

There might be a way.

At some point in time.

No changes in benefits for people 18+.

Over the next 4 generations reduce benefits

-0 to -10 years from point in time 75% benefit, no tax reduction,

-10.00273972602 to -20 50% benefit 25% tax reduction,

-20.00273972602 to -30 25% benefit 50% tax reduction,

-30.00273972602 to -40 0% benefit 75% tax reduction.

I haven’t done the math, but it might work out? YES I have thought about it.

Do as I say

Do as I say, not as I claim to want people to do. The Distinguished Senator from District 8 hypocrisy is on display on the first day of the month.

  1. We trust doctors to use their best judgment to provide the standard of care for their patients.
  2. We are concerned because the Nebraska Medical Association has not committed to blocking an abortion ban. Dr. David Watts is a dermatologist in Omaha, and the board president of the NMA. Contact Dr. Watts and encourage him to oppose any ban on healthcare in NE.

She is asking the board to determine what’s best for members of their organization. Thanks Senator for putting this on a public forum for all to see.

Not Legitimate

With all due respect.

2 of those ‘style’ contraptions, are not legitimate.

& I do mean with all due respect.

Detroit style isn’t a thing (born in Detroit, raised in Kalamazoo until 2000), never heard of it until @littlecaesars rebranded & tried to make it a thing. IT isn’t.

Didn’t hear of St. Louis style until Thursday 2022.06.09, it’s my Birthday. I didn’t approve of it, so you know that’s not a thing.

So based on my deductive reasoning (you can not even bring up the fact that it’s my birthday, therefore allowing me carte blanche to do/say what I please).
If we eliminate 2 styles of those pizza, we will just have pizza.

New York & Chicago are not happy.

No Tip for YOU!

I found this funny for two reasons.
A person who gave an employee money, got a receipt. The employee told person A that Lincoln City & County Tax was a tip.
Reason A – It had to be person A’s first time buying something.Reason B. – Poor employee
Person B told Person A to call the city/county to deal with it.I found it funny that a tax can be considered a tip.
I wouldn’t ever give the Government, city, local, or federal a tip of money.

Trip To Denver

*baseball update*
#TeamVernonJ is going to the city that was Platted 1858.11.17.
We are going to the game Monday 2022.05.30. It will be the Colorado Rockies vs another #baseball team.
Game time is 14:05 MT.
Everyone (except Steve) is welcome to join as.
We are driving to CO on Sunday morning at 8, the wheels up in Omaha at 7.
Tickets will be purchased on Wednesday 2022.05.11, I’ll need to know by 9 p.m. tomorrow if you want to ride.

44th Annual

I’m 8 days late.
The profile has been updated to reflect the MoSt ExCiTiNg time of the year.
The Annual Celebration of Vernon J.
Coming up on 44 years strong!!!!


The last 4 jobs I had, had no such policy.

Your gross pay didn’t change if you opted in/out of insurance.

At my current job, I declined health coverage. Because it’s cheaper (same insurance national company) to go out on my own. I don’t have to pay for stuff I don’t use (in particular maternity care)

Stop IT

Hey @Charmin 2 things wrong with your facebook commercial/ad.
A. You are putting the roll on backwards. Instead of inventing the roll extenders (which the engineers are awesome), you could’ve just kept your roll the size that fit in standard (years) roll holder.
This tweet has been sponsored by ‘quit messing with things’

A thing

You can make this a thing.

from facebook

But it isn’t a thing.

A. Sexual Orientation is protected under the FHA. Rather you are or are not expressing any.

B. Honestly my sexual orientation is none of the Government’s business, my landlord’s business.

C. Your sexual orientation ain’t none of my business, cause I don’t care who youa re sleeping with as long as they are of legal age & consenting.