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Good Morning 🌞

i hope this blog posts finds you happy and healthy.

There’s an amazing team doing wonderful things.

Are you on that team, are you ready to join that team.

Today is day 16,203rd day of the Vernon J show, glad you’re here.

I’m going to Estes Park next week, that should be fun. I’ve got some new boots to go there.

Vernon J’s joining boots.

Within the last few weeks I’ve realized, I’ve probably missed out on growing my team. I know it’s something I wanted, but I’ve did things that showed that to me. It isn’t within my control, but I know that I have.

Vernon J before coffee
New Mug

Age Discrimination

Me & my friend were age discriminated against yesterday.

It is RUDE to ask if the person (who isn’t paying) wants #IceCream because of an effort to make service right.

I don’t speak for the entire party, #VernonJ likes ice cream. #WorstKeptSecretEver

Thursday @ 5 p.m.

Today is Wednesday, Day 3/4 of the week.
The day after today is Thursday. The 1st day of the weekend.
The day after today @ 5 p.m., someone you know is going to see Oppenheimer!!!

Do you know someone that knows someone that may want to go see it?

Cruise with me?

Virgin Voyages is full steam ahead with hypnotic sailings from vibrant Miami to some incredible spots in the Caribbean — all on board our epic playground of a ship. Into it? # SmashThatLink # HolyShip

I’m going on a cruise June 9th – 14th.

Leaving for Miami on the 7th.

The good news is that the trip is FULLY paid for, the other person can’t make it.

So if you are interested in cruising let me know.

You’ll have to pay for your flight and any excursions your want to do.

58.2% less

I’m not a entrepreneur, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

If you built something less than 4 years ago for $15,000,000 & a currently selling for $8,730,000 I have a couple questions.

A. Did you not get great financing, general contractor.

B. Were sales that great in 3 years that you have already made your investment back.

C. Is business that bad you are willing to take a 58.2% loss?

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