44th Annual

I’m 8 days late.
The profile has been updated to reflect the MoSt ExCiTiNg time of the year.
The Annual Celebration of Vernon J.
Coming up on 44 years strong!!!!


The last 4 jobs I had, had no such policy.

Your gross pay didn’t change if you opted in/out of insurance.

At my current job, I declined health coverage. Because it’s cheaper (same insurance national company) to go out on my own. I don’t have to pay for stuff I don’t use (in particular maternity care)

Stop IT

Hey @Charmin 2 things wrong with your facebook commercial/ad.
A. You are putting the roll on backwards. Instead of inventing the roll extenders (which the engineers are awesome), you could’ve just kept your roll the size that fit in standard (years) roll holder.
This tweet has been sponsored by ‘quit messing with things’

A thing

You can make this a thing.

from facebook

But it isn’t a thing.

A. Sexual Orientation is protected under the FHA. Rather you are or are not expressing any.

B. Honestly my sexual orientation is none of the Government’s business, my landlord’s business.

C. Your sexual orientation ain’t none of my business, cause I don’t care who youa re sleeping with as long as they are of legal age & consenting.


I didn’t get married last week.

No I’m not having a baby (THIS YEAR AT ALL).

Thanks for caring & reading my posts.

Voter Registration

Will Long Term & Newly Registered Republicans make a wise decision in voting for Brett Lindstrom.

Read the story from Nebraska Public Media.

I’m a Long Term Republican and will be voting for Brett on Tuesday May 10th.

“If you’re a Democrat, this is not a strategic move,” she said. “Because, in fact, Carol Blood will be better poised to take on Herbster or Pillen, if they get out of the primary, than a Lindstrom.”- Jane Kleeb


Criminal Allegations

I know Senator Julie Slama.

I’ve also met Charles Herbster.

GOP state senator, seven other women say Charles Herbster groped them; he denies allegations

I will NOT be voting for Charles on May 10th. This is not new today.

This is something to thing about.

All 6 of the women’s accounts have been collaborated by at least one witness.

I will be voting for Brett Lindstrom for Nebraska Governor in the 2022 Primary election.

I would also ask you to vote for Brett as well. Visit http://VoteLindstrom.com to learn more about his vision for Nebraska.

7 days

168 hours + about 5 hours.

We are so close, yet this is the furthest away we’ll be.

Just one more week until it is officially The Vernon J Show.