What old service is being quoted in your Legislative body?

Office Depot

Good Morning @officedepot,

Can we talk?

Why is it that every single time I make a purchase you enroll me in marketing emails?

I’m already a registered member of your CRM platform.

Then every single time I have to unsubscribe.


Can you not register me for ANY marketing email.

Not one single email.


I don’t want any at all.

Vote for Nikki Haley

There I said it!

Good Morning,

I don’t know if I’ve ever done this before.

On primary day, I urge all eligible voters to vote for Nikki Haley in the Republican Primary.

DO not under any circumstances vote for any former President of the United States.

I know that Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy are running for President.

Here is today’s NPR Podcast Up First

We can’t leave this up to those people and give that person any chance to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2024.

Thank You.

This message is approved by Vernon J. This is not endorsed by any candidate or candidates committee.

Proper Noun

A proper noun is a noun that names a specific person, place, or thing. Proper nouns are always capitalized in English, regardless of their position in a sentence. They are also sometimes called proper names.

Vernon J

I don’t know what you do, but I demand respect on my name.

I don’t usually correct grammar, this is one I will.

Where I am, Where I been

I started at ARC Holdings LLC on Monday, November 6th as a Regional Manager.

ARC Holdings LLC is a franchisee of Scooter’s Coffee.

ARC Holdings LLC is one of the TOP 5 franchisee by units under the Scooter’s Brand.

I’m a Regional Manager over a group of stores in the Omaha Metro Area.

Nikki Haley for President of The United States of America

Meanwhile, dig in to that New York Times/Siena College poll of a week ago. The headlines focused on the news that Mr. Trump was ahead of Mr. Biden in five of six swing states. The better headline is that Mr. Trump remains the GOP’s weakest bet against the president. The poll found Ms. Haley cleaning Mr. Biden’s clock in key swing states. While Mr. Trump would theoretically today beat Mr. Biden by 5 in Michigan and 4 in Pennsylvania, Ms. Haley leads by 10 in each state. And while Mr. Trump is behind Mr. Biden by 2 in Wisconsin, Ms. Haley is ahead by 13.

I decided this week that if given the chance, I’ll be voting for Nikki Haley.

We all know that the current form of SSRI isn’t sustainable in it’s current form.

I have a plan. When the change is connected, the following needs to happen.

If you’re current age is 10 or higher, you’ll see no benefit changes.

The cap on social security taxes will be removed.

From date of implementation until 20 years after. Those individuals will have same contribution levels reduced benefit.

The next generation (20 years)will have reduced contribution/reduced benefit.

A drop in contribution and reduced benefit until the 5th generation no longer contributes not receive benefits.

And not only in foreign policy. While the Israeli conflagration might have provided Ms. Haley this opening with voters, it’s also allowing her to contrast her fleshed-out domestic agenda against her rivals’. On spending, she explained that “any candidate that tells you that they’re not going to take on entitlements is not being serious” and stated her plan to raise the Social Security retirement age for younger Americans, switch to inflation-based annual adjustments, and limit some benefits for the wealthy. She even dared promise an expansion of Medicare Advantage plans, reviving the lost GOP point about the importance of competition in healthcare.


Hello World

Saturday October 27th was my last day at Dunkin’.

I start my new adventure on Monday November 7th.

I’ll publicly announce my new space next year. The role is a lateral move. Better hours for me.

During October I realized that I had given up family time for work throughout the years. I do not want to do that anymore. Here’s to that portion of my life blooming in my new adventure.