Voter Registration

Will Long Term & Newly Registered Republicans make a wise decision in voting for Brett Lindstrom.

Read the story from Nebraska Public Media.

I’m a Long Term Republican and will be voting for Brett on Tuesday May 10th.

“If you’re a Democrat, this is not a strategic move,” she said. “Because, in fact, Carol Blood will be better poised to take on Herbster or Pillen, if they get out of the primary, than a Lindstrom.”- Jane Kleeb

Criminal Allegations

I know Senator Julie Slama.

I’ve also met Charles Herbster.

GOP state senator, seven other women say Charles Herbster groped them; he denies allegations

I will NOT be voting for Charles on May 10th. This is not new today.

This is something to thing about.

All 6 of the women’s accounts have been collaborated by at least one witness.

I will be voting for Brett Lindstrom for Nebraska Governor in the 2022 Primary election.

I would also ask you to vote for Brett as well. Visit to learn more about his vision for Nebraska.

7 days

168 hours + about 5 hours.

We are so close, yet this is the furthest away we’ll be.

Just one more week until it is officially The Vernon J Show.

Remember this

2nd Amendment

Today’s history lesson as presented by Vernon J is brought to you by:

Jessica Jones S02E03.

“Freedom of the Press”

According to a really old document that was signed by some people (Jonathan Dayton was 26, the youngest).

The First Amendment permits information, ideas and opinions without interference, constraint or prosecution by the government.

That only applies to the Government. Not Vernon J, Not Jessica Jones. Not Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other such entity (that isn’t the Government).
So with all legal authority as granted to me by the United States Constitution. Shut Up.


Good Morning from the comfort of the happiest place on earth.

Did you have a good Sunday?

Will you have a better Monday? YOU SHALL!!! #IHeartMonday

Delegates to Convention

Thanks for visiting, I wanted to reach out to everyone. I’m excited for Monday’s Convention, hope to see you there.

Dear County Convention Delegate

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, thank you for being a delegate to the 2022 Lancaster County Convention.

I’m writing to ask for your support for District Rep for the next cycle on the Lancaster County Central Committee.

As a Republican, as a resident of LIncoln, NE. I’m here to serve the community:

  • As voters we need to elect and support Republicans here in Lincoln and Republicans throughout the country.
  • As citizens we need to hold our elected officials responsible for the conservative principles we represent.
  • We need to provide financial support to the local/state party as booster’s if we have the economic ability.
  • Also we need to volunteer our time on campaigns, issues, and providing commentary to our elected bodies.

I moved to Lincoln from Omaha at the end of 2015, with my involvement level not decreasing. 

I have served in the past on Douglas County Central Committee, State Central Committee, and been a delegate to the county and state convention multiple times. 

I would like to continue to serve as a District Rep on the Lancaster County Central Committee.

I’m also planning on standing for state delegate as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me via e-mail or phone. 

Thank You & hope to see you on Monday March 21st!!

Vernon J