Weekend Starts

Well it is Friday at 4:30 and I am home. Weekend starts, big one. Going to the park, I am so happy. I plan on watching the race, will update my trip on saturday night. Have a great weekend, and stay out of trouble. May the higher power be with you.

Friday morning

Had a ok nights sleep, kind of was up for like a hour before I get up 6 a.m. But it is all good. Going to the park tomorrow.

First Day

Today is my first day using live journal. I found it on technology bassed television channel. Well I worked today, and I forgot to take otu my fish. So poor me does not have any foor thawed to cook. What am I gonna do? I am going to a Theme park in the DC area on saturday. If you have any advice for me let me know. One think I need advice on is: I like this girl from PA area and I am from MI. In 2 weeks 2 days I will be going home, what should I do?