When Bill France Jr. couldn’t say that word. and said I am having difficulty saying that word so I ain’t gonna say it. That’s great, this is why I love NASCAR.

Exclusive Webcat on Thursday?

Funny, NASCAR.com is claiming that there is an exclusive webcast on Thursday. It’s so exclusive that Speed and XM Satellite Radio will be carrying it live? How the heck is that exclusive?

Steve Park is OUT!!
Finally DEI came to it’s darn senses, and fired a S-Hit-y driver.

President resigns

Judith T. Bailey has resigned from NMU. She is bening recommened for the President’s position at WMU. I think it would be kinda funny if the BOT does not approve her. She will be out of a job. But ALL you student’s who said that Judith should take a pay cut gets your wish. She now makes $0.00


So yeah this girl is nice (mentally, physical, attitude wise). She is my kind of person, but 1 problem. She is a resident in the hall. I have conflicts with dating residents. Do you think I should go for it (there is nothing against it)? Let me know what you think.


I don’t know who has been to http://vernondavis.com, but it is a work in progress. let me know what you think of it?