Last Night

So my friend got this new MP3 player, I take a look at it and delete all the songs she put on there. I am such a dumbass, and so sorry. Someone had the balls or clitoris in this case, to call me at 11 p.m. What a friggen idiot, who calls a person at 11 p.m. when they are not even friends. Have a great day!! 🙂


I got to listen to Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, it was interesting. he is the Ambassador from Egypt to America. Once in a life time opportunity. Tomorrow is the 1st day of work, have a great tuesday.


The race was good we came home #3 in the UPS #88 Ford thanks to great track position. worked on a couple of things for TWC. Had a great day except for the dinner that i spilled in my lap. that really sucked and was embrassiing. Have a great week, and catch you on the flipside.

Park in Maryland

Well the day started off great, the public transportation went as planned. I met a pervert on the bus, was very disappointed in him. Got to the park saved $10 bucks right off the back, went on my first ride of the day. I hit my friend in the head when i was holding up my arms on the ride. We rode a attraction that takes you up on a cord and lets you swing back and forth. It was great, me and my friend was going to buy the video but they mesed up. SO WE GOT TO RIDE AGAIN, that was great. We went on a great coaster, had a great time overall. It kinda sucked the public transportation did not come back to get us, I am glad I have a great roommate. THANKS. Have a great sunday and cheer for #88 UPS

Me is Scared

I wanted to ask this girl to go to the park with me, did I no. I think I am scared of asking, what do you think?

Weekend Starts

Well it is Friday at 4:30 and I am home. Weekend starts, big one. Going to the park, I am so happy. I plan on watching the race, will update my trip on saturday night. Have a great weekend, and stay out of trouble. May the higher power be with you.

Friday morning

Had a ok nights sleep, kind of was up for like a hour before I get up 6 a.m. But it is all good. Going to the park tomorrow.

First Day

Today is my first day using live journal. I found it on technology bassed television channel. Well I worked today, and I forgot to take otu my fish. So poor me does not have any foor thawed to cook. What am I gonna do? I am going to a Theme park in the DC area on saturday. If you have any advice for me let me know. One think I need advice on is: I like this girl from PA area and I am from MI. In 2 weeks 2 days I will be going home, what should I do?