It’s true

F A M E by spazyspag
Youre famous for: Bringing the Spice Girls back together
You get famous: April 28, 2023
You make $$ per/year: $30,571,620,522,572
Do people like you? Everyone hates you
Dead/Alive: No one knows
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Hot Damn we got a revelation

Well I finally got the ‘reason’ why she broke up with me. She didn’t have a problem with me working in school because ‘in school you had everything paid for‘ but she has a problem with me not working now because ‘now i have a problem, with you not working because you need to get stuff ‘. Now that I have it so clear, I think I will call her this weekend. I am thinking, that for me to need stuff. I AM STILL FUCKING ALIVE. Yup that’s right, I am still alive, but yet need to work for stuff.

Dale Jarrett got his 4th top ten of the season, I am happy. Normally this would be a bad trend but it’s all good

Living Status

Let’s say you had a boyfriend since October. Would you break up with him because he lives at a Mission for 3 weeks out of the summer?


When Bill France Jr. couldn’t say that word. and said I am having difficulty saying that word so I ain’t gonna say it. That’s great, this is why I love NASCAR.

Exclusive Webcat on Thursday?

Funny, is claiming that there is an exclusive webcast on Thursday. It’s so exclusive that Speed and XM Satellite Radio will be carrying it live? How the heck is that exclusive?

Steve Park is OUT!!
Finally DEI came to it’s darn senses, and fired a S-Hit-y driver.