Be a Hero

Will you be an office hero like Dale Ludwick​ & grab a dozen of donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts​? IF you stop by the #Papillion store & come inside, ask for the #VernonJ special, I’ll write a unique message on your box.

An office hero lies within you.

My County

No doubt about It, I LOVE this land.

I’ve never lived in another country, but not that I would want too.

I’ll just always look for those stars & stripes in the air above my head.

Knowing I’m home & that my FREEDOM is here to stay.

How Long

Tomorrow is Monday.

A Brand New week to experience the adventure that is life.

I’m ready for the adventure.


I’m pretty fond of the Narwhals Sprint commerical, here’s the FULL video!!

Good Day

Good Day for Vernon J.

Today was the 27th day of Feburary in my 36th year.

The team had a good day.

So I posted this –

As a follow up, my supervisor is leaving First Data. I’ve been to worst meetings.

I worked at First Data until 13:26 & then I came home. Watch some NASCAR Sprint Cup & Camping World Series practice. I then left for work, it was great. I clocked out at 2131.

I’ll be taking care of business tomorrow as well.

That’s a lot & it for now.

You are the bestest.