46 Hours

We’ve got about 46 hours of the weekend left.

Let’s see what we should accomplish.

  • Clean,
  • Go see a movie,
  • Have a laugh,
  • Make some cookies.

Challenged issued

Time to Celebrate?

It’s been #7Days.

Team #VernonJ has reason to celebrate.
We also got all of our laundry washed, dried, ironed, & put away yesterday.

It’s almost like the weekend wants to come a day early for us. BUT we all know that the weekend starts on Thursday.

But we certainly can call the #FNP up early.

So Happy #FNP everyone.

Police: Woman hit snoring boyfriend with pry bar

Look in the corner of her eye man. Do you see it? I don’t like snoring, but I’ve never hit one of my girlfriends with a pry bar. Also none of my girlfriends have never snored, so I got that going for me.

There also isn’t that thing in the corner of my eye.

I am

We Be Clubbin’ by Ice Cube – https://play.google.com/music/m/Tf2774b2oky3cm4nib3dh4yomi4

Good Morning everyone.

I won’t admit to dancing like i was at the club this morning. I also won’t deny it.

Today is day 13,036 for Team Vernon J.
Did y’all see the full moon? Don’t worry I got you. 


What’s the best way to start a weekend, like yesterday.

I’m doing this after work & a meeting.

Follow Vernon J on twitter,  join us, laugh & smile with us.

How was your Thursday?

Valentine’s Day Weekend

Ok, so let me see how this turns out…[this was a really long post, but I just want to do the game part of it]… cc Melissa Frye Jim Gerner

I had an amazing ‪#‎ValentinesDay‬ weekend.

I had a 2nd date Thursday Night.
We had a great romatic dinner Vivace Restaurant Omaha, we laughed, we smiled, we ‪#‎danced‬.
Friday I went to an event where I got to see two US Senators & didn’t see any pigs.
Saturday I went to a University of Nebraska at Omaha Hockey game.

One of those days are a lie.

Good Evening & Happy Sunday.

How was your weekend.

I’m hoping it was better than my friend/associate Kristen, my co-workers husband.

Lover’s you can do better by your partners.


Five Months

We are five months away from the 37th Annual Celebration of Vernon J.

God’s Morning & God’s Way.

Looking forward to this year’s celebration. Making new friend’s? Bringing smiles for sure.

Today is the 9th day of January in Vernon J’s 36th year.

Had a good, interesting, & I’m tired kickoff to the weekend. I got an extra three hours of work yesterday. Worked a total of 13.25 instead of the 10 I anticipated. Get paid by the hour.

The word of the day is interosculate which is to form a connecting link.

Team Vernon J has made a change of plans for the party tonight. We will not be going to see Selma tonight. As of the current time. Stay tuned to The Official Blog of Vernon J for any changes.

We are going to Rojá tonight. For happy hour. Meet us at 512……….

Have a great day.


Great Start

We’re on Day IV of MMXV.

A great start to the year, weekend, & Sunday.

Thursday I worked.

Friday I worked, got a haircut, went out to Applebee’s.

Saturday I worked, grocery stopped, napped, smiled.

Sunday I worked, got off early, napped, relaxed.

Looking forward to the next moment.

I work everyday this week, double on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday we are going to see Selma. I can tell you as of today it Well be an evening showing, probably in the 1800 – 2000 range. If you want to go, shoot me an email (Vernon-J@Vernon-J.com), text or call me 402-516-4401.

Make it fantastic.

Goode Night

Last 30

We’ve got 30 days to accomplish this years goals.

Good Morning & Happy December.

I couldn’t think of a better day to start a month on, MONDAY, it’s the bestest.

I had a good night’s sleep, got up 5 minutes early. Well I woke up five minutes earlier. Didn’t get out of bed until the alarm went off.

We’ve got a double today. I’ll do about 8.5 at First Data.

The word of the day is nosophobia which is Psychiatry, an abnormal fear of disease.

The Ralston sign has been decorated with holiday cheer.

I had a great weekend. Relaxed, worked, meet up with Jeanie. I think that’s it.

I miss NASCAR, have to wait until February for the start if the season.

What did you do?

Oh, no laundry

The shall be no laundry today

This is the 4th work day of the week. At least 2 possibly 3 to go.

I know I need to go to the grocery store after work. I also need to drop off a UPS return package.

Today is Thursday the 9th Day of my 36th year. I’m 35 & 4/12ths Birthday.

The word of the day is frission which is a sudden, passing sensation of excitement.

Spielbound was a good adventure last night. I won at Ticket to Ride.

You should check it out. You could have fun.

We then went to Saint’s Pub & Patio. We had the Saint’s Nachos. They then had wings for $3.60. They’ll tell you they are $0.60. But you have to order 6. I did the math.

Have a great day.

P.S. The weekend is here.


It is raining & looks light out.

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

Yup it is 0655 & you were suppose to be up 2 hours & 42 mins ago. The phone was still on silent.

Today is the 28th Day of August in my 36th year & I’m still going to Mabee it great.

Had a good night last night & this morning I got bonus sleep.

Going to go to work until 1700 then I’ve got my evening programs.

What are you doing?