2016 NASCAR trip

So I want to go to TWO #NASCAR races this year.

Back – to – Back.

The schedule works out best to go to Talladega, Alabama then on to Kansas Speedway.

Talladega is a Sunday race, Kansas is a Saturday race.

11 hour drive from Talladega to Kansas.

Who’s in?

Talladega is Sunday 05/01/2016
Kansas is Saturday 05/07/2016.

That would also give us 22 days to plan/have our wedding. #0529


This is a nice set of #wedding bands.  Would go nice with this engagement ring. http://m.kay.com/en/kaystore/engagement—wedding/diamond-engagement-ring-1-15-ct-tw-round-cut-10k-yellow-gold/100006/100006.100007.100010

I’ve got one finger, where’s the other one. #0529 future wife



My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy #FNP Eve.

Well it is 23.47 on a Thursday Night. I’m somewhere in Iowa. I am somewhere between Council Bluffs & Meniola IA.

I went on the Taco Ride tonight.

It was a Fentastic Time.

I met Theresa (who may have a boyfriend), so take that for what’s it is worth. Her Birthday is 05/29/1987 & we ALL know how special #0529 is to Vernon J

I also met Whit, I can call her Alyson. I asked. I also got her phone number & Birthday! I asked her Birthday First. Cause you know I do it right.

I got a flat front, I got a soft flat after work last night. I used my emergency air pump. Cause that’s what it is for.

I checked my air pressure before I left. I filled up at Tobey Jack’s Steakhouse. Jennifer wonders if that is the BEST steakhouse in Mineola? I’ll probably never know.

Well I had a spare tube & got that filled up. I rode like the guy I can, Scott had a flat so I caught up with Jennifer, Mark, & Scott before we got to the end of the ride. I then also had to circle back to make sure Mark was okay. He was!

We know are listening to 94.1 FM, incase you were confused about our American Band Stations.

Vernon J is now on the highway.

My Evening Report

Well I did get a nap in between 11.00 & 12.00. Even with the sirens being tested.

This morning I saw the FedEx guy outside my window. I was like that’s not for me. Therefore I wasn’t inclined to ‘prepare’ & go see. image The package WAS for me. So I’m rolling down Underwood St & see the FedEx truck. I pull in & stop the guy & inquire if he is the 40th & Cass delivery guy. He was, I then retrieved my package. I wasn’t chasing the delivery guy down, but it sure felt like it.

The package is for #4SqDay which is on April 16th. I think I’m going to have to crown Jim as my stand in, as I will be in training. You know cause I got that promotion at work.

I’m also counting the hours to Titanic 3D, which I know I’ll be going to see on Sunday. I’m also in the 66 hour window to Paul & Jennilynn’s wedding & still need an escort. If you’re reading this OR hearing about this. Help a Vernon J out. Please? I have a pretty smile.

Did you see what I had for lunch? http://photos.Vernon-J.com/2012/04/04/todays-look-lunch/ This is a public accessible blog, so EVERYONE can read it. I guess if you can read this, you already know about my photo blog. See

There is an arrow, that means something important has happened.

I think I’ll add some more Blog Roll Links. Yes they will all be links to my blog. You’re welcome!!!

Wednesday 04/04/V3.2 was a good day.

Let’s Get Cozy.

Good Morning,

I got up this Morning & listened to some Teddy P. I don’t know why, but one of the lyrics in his song is get cozy. It’s Turn Off the Lights. NO I’m not going to do everything for you. Get on over to YahooTube & listen to it. OH that’s right Yahoo doesn’t have a live streaming music do they?

Today is Monday 04/02/V3.2 & there is NO way I won’t take advantage of what I’ve been offered & earned.

P.S. & this is the MOST important part of today’s post. On Saturday I am going to a wedding. I Need want an escort for the wedding. It is at 18.00 in some part of Western Iowa, it would be really neat if you decided to do me this solid. I understand if you can’t make it. But remember I have a nice smile. *updated* before I posted this. (but not before portions showed up on twitter).

The word of the day is grouse which is to grumble; complain.

I think that is it FOR now. Breakfast, Ironing, Door to Door, Work, Home. Call me, E-mail me, Get Here If You Can.

Oh Literacy

Good Morning & Happy (something).

I had something here why I was laying in bed, but I forgot it. I’m sure it wasn’t important, right?

Today is Wednesday 03/21/V3.2. We are on Day III of the Omaha torrential rains. I normally don’t care about the rain, but I actually have things to do outside & can’t do them with the rain. Wet paper is a BAD thing.

My day started with my neighbor letting me know that I had left the keys in the door & then a guy walking down the street singing.

I also forgot to mention that I have adjusted my schedule so I will get the next 3 Saturday’s off. Still in training this Saturday (not my adjustment), I then have a meeting in Norfolk on the 31st, I then have Paul & Jennilynn’s wedding to go to on the 6th. SO even though my schedule consist of Tuesday – Saturday, I get to take the 1st two off.

I’m also taking my Birthday off, I normal work on my birthday. Its a ploy to get people to celebrate my Birthday, but I will be at a meeting & I’m sure that people will celebrate my Birthday.

The word of the day is conniption which is a fit of hysterical excitement or anger. I like to call this a 24 hour period that has a D or A in the title.

Have a nice day & be wonderful.

Ye Olde World Ending

Well I said that the world wasn’t ending on Saturday 05/21/V3.1 because Vernon J isn’t married.

Well in addition to me not  being married I hadn’t got my TV yet, well I got my TV.

I still ain’t married, so the world ain’t ending.

That is the END of this whole rapture thing, any questions?