My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy #FNP Eve.

Well it is 23.47 on a Thursday Night. I’m somewhere in Iowa. I am somewhere between Council Bluffs & Meniola IA.

I went on the Taco Ride tonight.

It was a Fentastic Time.

I met Theresa (who may have a boyfriend), so take that for what’s it is worth. Her Birthday is 05/29/1987 & we ALL know how special #0529 is to Vernon J

I also met Whit, I can call her Alyson. I asked. I also got her phone number & Birthday! I asked her Birthday First. Cause you know I do it right.

I got a flat front, I got a soft flat after work last night. I used my emergency air pump. Cause that’s what it is for.

I checked my air pressure before I left. I filled up at Tobey Jack’s Steakhouse. Jennifer wonders if that is the BEST steakhouse in Mineola? I’ll probably never know.

Well I had a spare tube & got that filled up. I rode like the guy I can, Scott had a flat so I caught up with Jennifer, Mark, & Scott before we got to the end of the ride. I then also had to circle back to make sure Mark was okay. He was!

We know are listening to 94.1 FM, incase you were confused about our American Band Stations.

Vernon J is now on the highway.

Vernon Update with Beverly Mongomery and Bandi Peterson(the sen is too famous)*


Thursday – Vernon sat at home & just chilled

Friday – Vernon went to a hockey game and came home. He had a couple sips of a Margarita and then went to bed.

Saturday –

  • Vernon did some canvassing for Brian Buescher for City Council.
  • Vernon went to a hockey game, and saw UNO lose 1-0 in regulation, 2009 hasn’t been such a great year for the UNO Hockey Team. BUT Vernon’s 2009 is going awesomely.
  • Vernon then went to Crescent Moon and sang a song from 29-01-2000 DJ Sue, the best karaoke DJ I’ve had said she saw me on TV this week., then
  • He went to Billy Froggs in Lavista, it’s isn’t as good as the one in the Old Market. Although he did get up and dance on the counter.
  • Sunday – Went to Taxi’s Grille & Bar for Breakfast, Laundry, and Watching Racing. Vernon also found out he has become less of an IRL fan, because it’s going to be on Versus.

    Stay tuned for the next Vernon Update!!

    *We ALL know she reads it anyways.


    My week was a good one.

    I got some brand new laundry baskets.  I wanna say this is the first time I have ever bought them.
    Monday – Hockey started, I skipped class.

    Tuesday – Worked at my other job

    Wednesday – worked at my other job, didn’t go to work at my job until after 11.  Got to stay home till after 7:30, although I went to the store during the 6 AM hour.  Bought tickets to Disney Live for my RLD.  I also watched the debate, and know I know why I don’t do that.

    Thursday – went to my other job, talked to MF.

    Friday – Hockey night in Omaha, Now I’m just waiting.

    Vernon Update with Beverly Mongomery and Bandi Peterson(the sen is too famous)*


    Monday(14th) He went to the Olympic Trials Volunteer appeciative(using that term loosley) dinner.  It was hot dogs, and cowburgers.

    Tuesday – Tagging Party, worked till 9 PM.  It was a long day, but well worth it.  He can’t wait to see Pictures.

    Wednesday – There was a meeting with the Bull Pen, and ran into(not literally) Kristen Ackerman.  Who name HE totally forgot, but thanks to address books.

    Thursday –

    Friday – Bought a wireless router and got his Wii connected to the network.  Then he really wanted to go to The Max, but he couldn’t find anyone to go.  So he went to (blah)’s, and she smelled really good.  I got home and smelled myself, I smelled extra good.  It put him in a cuddling mood, and it continued all weekend.  That was kinda bad

    Saturday – Went to Oh! What A Duck Race!!   He got to play Quacky, He was one really good Duck

    Sunday – Went campaining, had a really good time.  (keep a look in this for next week’s update)

    *We ALL know she reads it anyways.

    Vernon Update with Beverly Mongomery and Bandi Peterson(the sen is too famous)*


    Monday(7th) He went to Fareway to improve the economy.  @ least the enconomy of the pigs, chicken, and turkey farmers.I got this bacon wrapped chicken grillers.  They are stuffed with yummy stuff, I can’t wait to fire up that grill!!!

    Tuesday – He did something else

    Wednesday – He did other stuff

    Thursday – Went to the O Royals game, and was Duck Security

    Friday – Chilled @ home because he had to be somewhere @ 7 am the next morning

    Saturday – The State Convention.
         Got to hear the chairman of the party speak.  It was a really long event till 4:45.

    We’ll try to remember what he did for the next update.

    *We ALL know she reads it anyways.