No work

Good Morning & Happy Cold Monday.

There’s no work today or tomorrow. Do to the nature of young adults, outdoor temperature, etc …

But somebody did get engaged recently.

Congrats to team #PutARingOnIt.

Tax Day

The Federal Government may not be accepting taxes until 2 days before #ValentinesDay.

That doesn’t mean Team #VernonJ can’t file them ON A SATURDAY NIGHT.

*A. Cause of course they don’t know what they doing.

*B. Saturday afternoon is even better.

Newton’s Laws

If thee frozen liquids that fell from the sky.
Has accumulated to/above the midpoint of thee axel.
Thou can repeatedly press on the rubber that makes thee automobile go aft or fore.
But thee will not succeed in moving significantly past the starting/stopping point, without observing Newton’s 1st Law of Motion.