I work in a service oriented industry.

I’m expected to produce 5 star, 10 out of 10  service to my guests.

When we are talking about me interacting with your business.

I will hold you to the same standard & will not tolerate anything less.

Are there any questions?

Saturday in life

A Dunkin’ gift card & a Whiskey smoker. A guy couldn’t have better friends. Thanks Allie Huffstutler, Ryan Huffstutler, Angi Jorgenson Josephine Qiu.

A good lunch with Nancy Lee Clint Pearcy, Brandon Petersen.

Polish fest with Jim Gerner We also got treats from Corner House Treats, yes I know the owner.

Y’all ain’t ready

Hear ye hear ye.

I’m not one to broadcast my location due to safety reasons. #stalker #stalkers.

But section 121 row 17, seat 2 or 4 is where there is a high chance of finding #VernonJ.

Tim McGraw Standing Room Only Tour at THE Omaha Arena & Convention Center. #FNP

Kicking off the 46th Annual Celebration Vernon J

What does that mean


In Case You Didn’t Listen To Wife.

As a husband you have a duty to listen to your wife.

ICYDLW may be followed by – A

ICYDLWA can also be used.