You are going to learn today.

So the Omaha officers in blue posted this:

I RT’d this, cause it’s funny. Shortly after my store manager sent me a text indicating that one of our co-workers car was stolen.

Guess how it was stolen.

P.S. It’s still funny. The number pod times the police have said to not do. You still do it.



“I think that the symbolism of having a veteran 100 years old, who fought so gallantly so that those who disagree with government policies and want to exercise their First Amendment rights could be heard, that’s what made today so poignant.”

This is a tough position to be in for Dario I’m sure.

These folks shouldn’t disrupt non-related incidents.

As Alysia said.

All About Me

It’s all about me.

For 2015 should I change my twitter & other social media bio.


It has stood the test of times.


Oh, well that’s ‘too bad’.

Good Afternoon & Happy Saturday,

WHY, yes I do.

Today is the 18th day of October in the 36th year of Vernon J.

We are in the 17th hour of the day. A wonderful day so far. Went to work at 0600, got off at 13:30. If you don’t follow me on twitter …

WAIT WHAT? You don’t follow #VernonJ on twitter. Well you should join the 100’s of people & get “no one needs a play by play of anyone’s day. Especially mundane everyday occurrences.” (via Kristen) go to

Back on point.

I’m excited to go to Dennis & Marcy’s tonight for a house warming party. I was promised ice if I went, of course I’m going to go.

So there was a conversation about me had with people(or person’s) at a certain location.


I would like to:

I know it is tough out their for a person to ask & have expectations of someone. I promise never to let those expecations to falter. .I do my best & I can’t do anymore.

the word of the day is deiform which is godlike or divine in form or nature.

So I got the new Note 4 yesterday. I’m pretty happy with it so far. It includes a step counter & I’ve already took ‘10,000’ steps with it. I think there will need to be some adjustments made. I’ll see how this S Fit go. I like the way the Google now works too. I’m not sure it worked the same way on my Note II. I’m also saving $20 a month, cause Sprint has a new unlimited plan for $50.00 a month.

I’m deciding between phone cases. I’m deciding between Teal, Pink, & Purple. You can weigh in. But I asked someone whose vote/opinion is weighed more heavily than yours (unless you’re that person :-)).

Have a fun evening.

Vernon J outta 5,000!!!

48 Things

So I posted this:

I’m going to list my things & see how I did.

  1. Woke Up
  2. Texted Melissa
  3. Showered
  4. Ate Breakfast
  5. Went to Work
  6. Rode My Bike
  7. Smiled
  8. Laughed
  9. Talked about skydiving
  10. Did work
  11. Bought New Socks
  12. Danced
  13. Watched the News
  14. Saw two people, waved at one, (internet wave’d at the other)
  15. Followed New People on twitter.
  16. Found out when Cathy’s Birthday is.
  17. Still don’t know where the pizza joint is
  18. Thought I wouldn’t take a nap, I will
  19. Watched some Formula 1 practice
  20. heard the Ice Cream man, didn’t chase him
  21. read someone’s blog & left comment
  22. Had a chocolate chip muffin & some milk
  23. Had a bowl of Ice Cream before going back to work at Dunkin’ Donuts.
  24. Shared this on facebook.
  25. go into work 2 hours early
  26. sit back on couch for 1 hour 17 mins
  27. Read Chi’s post. You can too
  28. bring in recycling bin
  29. kick my feet up

  30. Watch Jeopardy
  31. Ask how your day was
  32. wait for the walk light to turn white
  33. make plans to go out after work
  34. Go to a new bar
  35. Meet TV famous person
  36. Sing Happy Birthday to bartender
  37. Sing Baby One More Time
  38. Wait at a red light
  39. Take a picture of the olé male leaf

  40. Share tattoos with Dani
  41. order half Nachos
  42. play a couple songs on the jukebox
  43. talk about raccoons
  44. HIGH FIVE the bar patrons
  45. finish a drink
  46. run up & down the stair
  47. go to bathroom
  48. redacted

These items are not in chronological order.


I made my Lunch & dinner last night.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

I have to go to work tonight & wanted to make sure that I had food.

Today is Wednesday April 2nd & if the deer sees his shadow we have less than 9 weeks until June.

Well I’ve been up 1 hour & 50 minutes. Today is going to be a good day, I can smell the Kellogg’s production. I got a smile on my face, I had a good breakfast.

The word of the day is ambivert which is one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert.

I’m working 12 hours & 15 mins. So WOWT the work week will be done in 6 hours, 7 & 1 half minute. I start at 0700, can you do the math? I’ll just leave this here for you to read Yes it is basis, but I didn’t write that blurb.

It was two degrees, suppose to get up to a high of nine. It is also suppose to rain, I should’ve brought my umbrella. I didn’t. Let’s check the hour by hour forecast. This hour is 20% chance, the 15th hour if the day has a 50% chance.

I had one goal at the start of this week. To finish Michael J. Sullivan’s Rise of Empire. Well I git that goal accomplished last night. You’re welcome. Today’s goal is to get this

You can't see her address

card in the mail. Don’t worry the card isn’t blurry, I’m heading into work.

I think that’s it for now.

Have a Hotel Room Service kinda day.