Under this Rock

Some Millard parents are looking for a problem.

With no solid evidence of issues with voting in schools. A group of parents went looking under every rock, in a nook & cranny. Couldn’t find a problem & made one.
Millard parents start petition to end public voting in schools, click link for Joe’s story.

Security is importance, but inconveniencing people who are exercising their right is no way to go about doing it.

Step UP

FOR the #love of whatever you LOVE!

Put a signature in your e-mail.


Quit being an amateur, it is really annoying.

This one belongs to me!!

Vernon J
4970 S. 86th St.
Omaha, NE 68127

KMTV’s fault

Now if you don’t understand this you might be a dummy.


Now Jones Justin is blaming KMTV Action 3 News*.


Now I’m not one to not critique the media when it is deserved. It is our job as people to do that.

BUT Jones is way off the mark here. The only person to blame for this behavior is Vincent himself.

There was two ways to handle this situation (p.s. read the story), he could’ve (& did) handle it the wrong way. The other way was to turn it into a baliff upon receiving it from a client. BUT maybe he will know this now.

*I consider some employees (on & off air) of KMTV friends & associates. So I’m not unbiased.

Social Unrest

unspecified civil disobedience to halt the sewer work

Preston Love, Jr.

Firms call on Stothert to direct more work on $2B sewer separation project to north Omaha businesses

Cause unspecified civil disobedience is the way to get what you want.

Preston that is most disrespectful thing you could say.

The bidding process is out there. Make the members of United Minority Contractors provide a better bid and/or service to win the contract on fair and equal grounds.

IF you bid & you lose. That’s how this thing work.

Unspecified civil disobedience is probably illegal. BUT I’m no lawyer.


“I think that the symbolism of having a veteran 100 years old, who fought so gallantly so that those who disagree with government policies and want to exercise their First Amendment rights could be heard, that’s what made today so poignant.”


This is a tough position to be in for Dario I’m sure.

These folks shouldn’t disrupt non-related incidents.

As Alysia said.

Your Rules

The first of many.

Top of the morning, bottom of the year to you.

I’m willing to say I LOVE YOU. :-* See I said it.

It is the 365th Day of 2014. We say goodbye to this year.

So I came across this story – http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/united-orbitz-sue-computer-whiz-started-cheap-airfare/story?id=27903538. I posted it on Twitter without commentary. But not here.

This guy is a genius. Maybe you should stop routing your customers to middle locations. I did a search for Boston to Miami. There was a stop in Newark or New Jersey. Why, United? If I can find a cheaper & more convenient fight. I’ll take it.

I’m no judge out lawyer. But from what I see this guy had just set up a search engine that find the most direct route. I hope this guy gets a good lawyer and keeps up the fight. Maybe your RULES, contacts, & business relationships are broken. Get better. You shouldn’t be suing this guy. He isn’t selling your product. He is providing information to your potential customers.

Well the WVJN news team had cracked the case. Team Vernon J will be at Crescent Moon tonight. Well you join us?

I had a good day yesterday:

  • I worked
  • I picked up dry cleaning
  • I dropped off dry cleaning. It’s hard to leave the pants you’re wearing.
  • I went to Xenon Academy to attempt a hair cut. They didn’t have any slots available. So I’m going back Friday.
  • I talked(texted) to you* You is not N or J
  • I went to bed.
  • Ate some dinner & stuff.


How was your day?


However, legal action will be taken if Dixon doesn’t remove the display by Dec. 26. Sycamore Township says the decorations violate some of its rules, which prohibit structures in the front or the side yard to occupy more than 35 percent of the area.

“Also, the primary structure must be 3 feet from the street, and 6 feet from the house,” details Fox News.


With no due respect. I won’t remove my display.