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Can you do the ENTIRE reading audience a favor. (

When reading/presenting on a bill at the local, state, or, Federal level. Include the url to the bill, so we can also read that. I see you included two links in this article, but omitted the MOST IMPORTANT one.


Vernon J

The Bill

Interaction on Free Speech

I’m sure some of you have seen the videos of the recent interaction between a Turning Point USA representative who also happens to be a University of Nebraska student.
The President of the University has released the following statement.

we had an opportunity to model how differing opinions can be exchanged with civility, respect and dignity. It appears that opportunity was missed. I

Hank Bounds is President of the University, not ‘president’ or Chancellor of the campus. Yes i’ve contacted the news outlet to correct the headline.

President Bounds is correct in his statement about the missed opportunity.

Kaitlyn Mullen I hope you have better interactions with University faculty and staff in the future.

Keep helping make America a place where Less Government is the norm.


​I wonder why some (1/2) of the #Omaha TV stations don’t FULLY date the stories on their website like the other two? 

I visited all 4 websites & read a story (two from the one on East Farnam) to see if the had the following in the headline (somewhere) in the story. Month, Date, Year. KMTV & WOWT did. 

The Divorce

​As ‘we recover’ from the news of Angelina & Brad dissolution of marriage. Let’s focus on 3 things. 

  • There are children involved & we want the best for them. 
  • They have done good works throughout the world, let’s hope that continues. 
  • Most importantly, let’s remember. It ain’t any of my, yours, or the media’s business. 

Thanks for reading

A Bad Father

A Bad Father …

From Tom Becka. Click Here for entire article. A bad father is a person who knocks up his girlfriend and then leaves town. A bad father is a man who leaves his child in a hot car while he goes into a casino. A bad father comes home drunk and passes out on the couch instead of going to watch or coach his kids little league game.

I know this happened to a family in Nebraska & I’m not affected by this in any way (personally).

BUT when I saw OWH & others talking about how we shouldn’t condemn the family. I questioned the humanity of a person who actually blamed, trolled, etc the family.

Shame on those people.



I’m not real convinced that Chocking is okay., but according to the Harris County Sheriff’s department; it is.

I see at least two officials holding the individual, I can understand assisting someone by holding them up. BUT that would be generally at the wrist or by the back of the head. Such as the official on the right is doing.

The one on the left is clearly chocking him.

Wait, what?

So let’s run this down. (milk in pouches)

  • It tasted like chocolate milk
  • I also didn’t see any tears from the eyes of disgruntled fourth-graders forced to drink the new brew. Most of them were drinking it without issue. Not a one seemed bothered by the plastic pouches.
  • “The schools are actually saving a tremendous amount of money on trash,” said Pat Mueller with Prairieland Dairy, the supplier of milk pouches to 175 schools in Nebraska. “I’ve had school employees tell me they normally have eight garbage cans overflowing with milk cartons. Now (with the pouches), they have two garbage cans and they’re not full.”

    They cost less, too. A carton of milk can cost about 30 cents per unit while a pouch is estimated to cost about 17 cents per unit.

    “It’s a significant cost savings in the packaging,” said Erin Vik, director of nutrition services at Westside Community Schools. “It’s also a hormone- and antibiotic-free product – anything as natural as it comes benefits us.”

So as your facebook people said – I received all sorts of comments – “who cares,”

So after a well thought out discussion about the BIG issues in Omaha, this issue has been resolved.

The issue is (wait for it)!

NONE at all. Thanks for reading.