My Evening Report

Things got crazy last night, if you are reading this after midnight, or Monday Night.

I left work 1 half hour early. Aside from an incident early in the day, everything was fine. Peeling the orange was a little tough, my thumb nail wasn’t as great for peeling. It sorta hurts right now.

Got Home. Wash Dishes, made a pizza for dinner. Then we went out and had some fun at Crescent Moon Alehouse.

We brought some beverages, that gluten free water was just what I needed. VIIX1979 on Instagram. Don’t underestimate a good water.

There was suckers involved & Gina got her favorite sucker. I also ordered 5 tacos on accident. Thanks to Jim for eating 4 of the tacos.

So the Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. came to work and sold there goods today. Gourmet Dark Chocolate Looking forward to enjoying this. BUT apparently I need to get a pair of scissors to open this package.

I promise not to run with the scissors. Safety first.

So we have a choice to make, it really isn’t that hard.

I want you to have a wonderful sleep and morning in this crazy world.

My Morning Report

We continue.

Since I’ve already posted a blog entry today. I need do provide you with an additional entry.

It was a great ride in this morning. Like I’ve said on the other (less quality) social networks. A big ole pile of Awesome is happening in the 681V1.

Thanks to friends like you.

I got to make a poster at work today. Working real hard round these parts.

Today is my long day. Work, meeting, but it is what I do.

Tomorrow is the last day of work for the week. Who’s excited for that?

Well that’s it for now.

My Afternoon Report

Good Afternoon Folks,

Here to provide you with a report on how my previous 10 hrs went.

Always expect the unexpected time, as great as you are.

So today, one of the trainers asked me to shadow a new guy who is on OJT. OJT is VI weeks after the start of training. She said I was patient and stuff.

That was exciting and pretty neat professionally.

Now I’m at home just chilling on the coach. The dishes must be washed, and the dinner must be eaten.

I’ve lubed my chain and checked my tire pressure.

That’s it for now.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Monday Eve.

I’m just here hanging out with two of my favorite things.


A book & a piece of pie.

It was a good day, I didn’t go play tennis. I was a little, Saturday rolled into Sunday and I got up WAY too early. So I cam home and took a movie nap. You know when you put a movie on that you’ve already seen and don’t mind napping.

I then did that one thing, you know that Carly Rae Jespen wants us to do.

I then went to grab dinner, came home ate dinner. The Movie I decided on was Over Her Dead Body. A romantic movie, cause that is what I wanted to watch.

Tomorrow is Monday and we return from our 1 day hiatus from work. It is so hard to look at your right, cause you are sitting on my left side.

So what do we have to look forward to this week, well see previous paragraph.

At this point nothing unusual, except that I’m working on Thursday. Friday I’m helping out with the Volleyball games again.

Did you know that the Dominican Republic and Cuba are closer together than Nebraska is wide. IF you don’t believe me go to your favorite mapping service.

Make it So Number 1

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Saturday Eve,

I just wanted to share with you what the upcoming week is like for Vernon J.

The Number 2 member of #TeamVernonJ.

On Saturday I work 0500 to 1200, that’s right I start my week an hour earlier. Then I’m going to see stomp.

I’m off of work on Sunday, but I’ll be helping out with the NORCECA Continental Championships. My shift is from 0700 to 1200. so it isn’t that much different from my normal Sunday. I’ll also be going to play tennis, you’re welcome to join us. Feel free to contact me for more/less information.

Monday is a work day, nothing special yet.

Tuesday is a work day, and there is this BBQ thing that I might go to.

Wednesday is a double work day.

Thursday is laundry day and work day. NOT in that order though.

Friday is a day off & another day to volunteer with the NORECECA program.

Well that’s it for now.

Goode Night.

My Morning Report

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

Yeah, it is the last day of the work week, how has it been?

These are thoughts from last night, so don’t expect forward looking statements.

So Monday CBS didn’t adjust their lineup even though, they were running last. My PVR didn’t record Under the Dome in its entirety. This is 2013 FIGURE IT OUT

*rant rant*

NOW all CBS has to do is figure out how to start a program on time when another run late OR send out signals to PVR (Windows Media Center in my case) to say our programming is 26 mins behind, please adjust your pre-scheduled recording time. It upsets me. Adam I know you aren’t in charge, but just thought I would say something.

They were also 22 mins behind yesterday.

Well this is my post-2100 week. I think Sunday is the only day I went to bed on time. Sunday I was watching the season 1 finale of Homeland, Monday had a meeting, Tuesday I had a meeting. I don’t have a bedtime on Wednesday (wink wink).

Okay, that’s it for now.

My Evening Report


Person 1: I’ve sang karaoke after you.
Mark: that sounds like Vernon J

Good Evening & Happy Friday Eve!!!!

So I went to Gerda’s tonight to ‘help setup’ for Oktoberfest tomorrow.

Who has the world's greatest dad?
Who has the world’s greatest dad?

I’m sure you think it is you.

I’m sure you dad is Great, maybe Greater, but as of tonight he isn’t the greatest.

That award goes to a dad of a daughter who was at Gerda’s. He bought me dinner, yeah that makes it awesome!!!!

That’s My Evening Report!!!

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy #FNP Eve.

Well it is 23.47 on a Thursday Night. I’m somewhere in Iowa. I am somewhere between Council Bluffs & Meniola IA.

I went on the Taco Ride tonight.

It was a Fentastic Time.

I met Theresa (who may have a boyfriend), so take that for what’s it is worth. Her Birthday is 05/29/1987 & we ALL know how special #0529 is to Vernon J

I also met Whit, I can call her Alyson. I asked. I also got her phone number & Birthday! I asked her Birthday First. Cause you know I do it right.

I got a flat front, I got a soft flat after work last night. I used my emergency air pump. Cause that’s what it is for.

I checked my air pressure before I left. I filled up at Tobey Jack’s Steakhouse. Jennifer wonders if that is the BEST steakhouse in Mineola? I’ll probably never know.

Well I had a spare tube & got that filled up. I rode like the guy I can, Scott had a flat so I caught up with Jennifer, Mark, & Scott before we got to the end of the ride. I then also had to circle back to make sure Mark was okay. He was!

We know are listening to 94.1 FM, incase you were confused about our American Band Stations.

Vernon J is now on the highway.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Sunday Eve.

Well let’s start with the important stuff. Saturday was a Good Day.

So I saw this picture at No Frills & I’ve looked at a map of AK (which is Alaska the 49th State).

Well I Know a few things
Well I Know a few things

Where is this Springdale, AK at? IF you can find it, please let me know?

So just because they do a comparative marketing presentation. That doesn’t mean it is the truth. You have to do your own research.

Okay, that is my complete and finished My Evening Report.