New Rule

New #Running Rule,

If Vernon J is every being chased by an alien beast, he isn’t going to encourage the alien beast to ‘come on’, ‘come at me bro’, or whatever similar phase encourages the beast to attack me.

I’m going to run like I’m late.

Watching I am Number 4 & John is screaming ‘come on’.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Here is Vernon J’s Official Review of Star Wars Episode VIII as pinned by Nicole (she’s a fan of the Oxford comma).

Spiderman: Homecoming

I went & saw Spiderman: Homecoming.

Seat B9.

When you plan your movie going badly, you get the 1st row.

It was a good movie, funny.

Thanks for NOT ruining the surprise.

Blow it

When is Disney or Hollywood going to have a movie with Black Giant in it.

I feel that my people (tall & just happens to be black (or brown skinned) American are under represented in the movies.

I say we should #Protest & not go & see Beauty and the Beast this#weekend!!

in response to the first openly gay character in a Disney movie.

Just for the record I don’t believe a word that I typed.

Day 13,426

A Good Day with friends, associates, & time.

Thanks to Jim for picking up my Omaha product.

Thanks to Nicole & Jim, for good time & laughs at my favorite Bar Crescent Moon.

I’m thankful to see friends & associates like Chris, Chuck, Rod, & Lenora.

I also got to see London has Fallen, a good movie. No matter what anyone says or puts on the internet.


No you didn’t

Batman vs. Superman VS My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

I’m NOT saying that Universal Pictures made a bad decision. BUT they might just have.

Black Oscars

The black & the Oscar’s® .

Maybe your black centric movies SUCKED SO they don’t deserve an Oscar nomination?

What? #Truth

Movies & Ice Cream

There’s TWO reasons to watch Ant-Man. They main character works at Baskin-Robbins & there is a reference to the steel from #1910 that was on the Titanic (the ship & movie).