Bad Research

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

Well the research from last night, was on the wrong data.

Today is Friday 03/08/V3.3 & it is a 06.28 kinda day.

I got to watch my ‘buddies’ Matt & Deanne on KMTV Action 3 News today. I listened to the entire 32 mins, before CBS This Morning came on. I then muted it. Maybe less than 32 mins, cause I was you know, taking a shower. BUT it wasn’t on mute like CBS This Morning & The Daily Buzz.

So today my first meeting is at 09.00,  I am en route to that now. Rolling along here, just using my unlimited data & the tools necessary for hotspot connection.

I then get to go to the work, I’ll hit the mall though & relax a bit there before work. BUT with all due respect, the mall tends to have uncomfortable chairs. Even the Panera, I’m pretty sure Starbucks (on 114th & Dodge) does too. I just don’t feel like coming back home after the meeting. Home; work & meeting are n the other side of 90th St.

What should I do?

The word of the day is scupper which is to prevent from happening or succeding; ruin; wreck. No more scuppering today. Move, Get Out the Way so we can succeed.

Baseball IS BACK IN the Omaha Metro. University of Nebraska Omaha takes on North Dakota State University. (according to their post). I don’t know if it is University of North Dakota or North Dakota State University. My connection isn’t pulling up that page right now. Maybe I’ll go back & edit this once it loads. It is the one that is in the

If you want to Road Trip to Kearney with me tomorrow. That would be great, I can guarantee a good time for 5 to 6 hours. Nothing promised during the middle of our road trip.

Well my 1st Song of the Day was Smile by Shanice. I was thinking of a friend & it is true. I do love her smile.

Well I’m going to call these 334+ words a wrap.

Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Only 14%

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

Only 14% of all workers in the United States of America don’t have a chronic Health Problem. 86% have diabetes, heart ailments, cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, depression or are obese. Some shocking results from Gallup health survey –

Today is Thursday 06/21/V3.3 & it is the 1st day of the weekend.

I have a hole in me heart, arthritic SI Joints, and curvature of the spine. I am the 14%, BUT you won’t see any issues with me. Those are not lifestyle related decisions, just the cross I have to bear.

This weekend will be more active than last weekend.

Thanks to Beth for posting this picture. (she gave credit to the original artist), Read her blog over there.

Well today there is work, just yesterday I was thinking I needed to do something before work today. I don’t know what crazy idea that was. OH now that I’ve Wrote It Down I remember. I need to empty my trunk.

On Friday I’m volunteering down at the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials, which are right here in Omaha. I’m working in the print center, but I will have 100% access to my social networking services. AS it is an off day for the trials, but a volunteers job is NEVER DONE until they send you home.

The word of the day is enchiridion which is a handbook; manual.

There is no handbook or manual for life, me and my co-worker had a good conversation about life. Yesterday I asked a friend to buy a house with me, she was explaining how you’re suppose to date, fall in love, get married, move in together. Well the 1st part of that equation isn’t going so well, so I figured I would do it backwards.

Okay, that is it for now, I’m going to go enjoy some breakfast. What did you have this morning for breakfast? Jara had a banana in OH.

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Thursday,

Have you read Angie’s blog? she is on a weight loss journey.

The highlight of my life was being part of a college kid getting a spanking, HA HA HA!

I also got to answer a few questions for Melissa, in theory I’ll attach them. Questions For Melissa, no the most important question wasn’t in there.

Well I’m calling it a night & I might read.

Just need to floss, brush, & sleep.

See ya later today, maybe I will.

Movie, Theater, & Concert Tickets

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

Do you save movie & concert tickets? I do! But why was I saving a movie ticket, unless it was a first date, or the first movie after she said that ‘Vernon J I really like you & I think we should date’ movie, cause we’ve been to several movies before.  Why? This is aimed at a certain someone that isn’t named, but is a good friend. She probably doesn’t visit Vernon J, so I’m not too worried.

Today is Monday 11/14/V3.2 & it is a Happy Monday kinda day.

Phrase of the Week Vol. II Week XXVI is LIVE!

I took my pre-exam today & got a 66%, I need a 70% to become an insurance agent. I don’t need luck, I need to answer correctly.

We are 2 mins away from the 10.00 dance party. Right NOW Sugarland – All I Want to Do (Live) is playing on my pandora.

I also just scanned my official transcript from University of Nebraska Omaha, that proves(again) that I graduated from college. It saves me $1,000 if the above happens on Friday 11/18/V3.2.

Also on Friday Mojo Smokehouse & Ales is having a live karaoke night, (checking schedule), I am planning on going. You are welcomencouraged to come.

The word of the day is fascicle which is a section of a book or set of books published in installments as separate pamphlets or volumes.

Valentine’s Day is only 92 days away, 2,198 hours away, 131,870 minutes away. It is on a Tuesday this time, in addition the groupon for Omaha today is $30.00 for $50.00 worth of Floral Arrangement & Plants from Touched by Flowers. It’s a $59.95 value. Click >here< to take advantage of that deal.

  • You can send my flowers to: Vernon J 422 N. 40th St. Omaha, NE 68131
  • I also know a newscaster who probably would appreciate some, contact me for details.
I hope you have a GREAT day

Yeah for Tears

Today is Tuesday 12/21/V3.1 & its a day that could change our relationship forever.

Heading to work now, doing my blog entry on the bus so I’m sure to get it done.

I have work today, normal time – normal place.

I’m then heading west after work to do a couple things.

  • Help my friend budget,
  • Say that little phrase that is oh so important,
  • Shop for a tie to match said friends dress.

What are you going to do today?

The word of the day is caliginous, which is Misty; dim; dark.  I’m glad my life is nothing like that.

Happy Thursday

Well today is Thursday 10/28/v3.1.

It’s my friend’s Birthday & that’s ALL you need to know today.

Omaha’s Team is in action today, the last home game of the season.  Kick off is at 15:00 VST.  They play at 68th & spring St.  You can ride your bike there.  The Mavericks currently sit in 3rd place int he conference.  This team we play today have NEVER beat us.  Let’s GO Mavs!!

I’m also making a Pecan Pie today, I hope you have a GREAT Day!!!