Let me explain

Let me explain this story.

Good Morning & Happy Hump Day.

Is pretty straight forward. Glad you understand.

Today is the 6th day of August in my 36th year.

So I get home & or mailman left us a note.
image Seems like a legitimate request/demand. I thought he was getting a little uppity.

The I saw this –

Them I laughed out loud. My name is Vernon J, the other occupants name is Tina. Don’t no Our live with us.

We played good Bocce yesterday. We list a tough one 11-16. We had a good time though. Glad I watch The Morning Blend on KMTV & heard about Big O Bocce. Possibly see you next year. If I’m in Omaha I’ll be there. Here’s the link

The word of the day is taradiddle which is a small lie. I’m also going to make that the hashtag of the day.

Other than that it was a perfectly normal night there were no unexpected curve balls thrown or caught by me.

Someone please ask, I dare you.

Well today is my short day.

There’s suppose to be rain tomorrow, so the Taco Ride might not happen. This member of Team Vernon J hopes it does.

Is anyone going to the Nebraska State Fair on Friday 08/22/V3.5. Chris Young is playing. As of right now 08/06/V3.5 in the 5th hour & 53rd minute we will be leaving at 1200 from Omaha. I would like to stay the night, but I know how the price of hotel’s change due to events like this. Let me know. Y’all know how to reach me.

Thanks to Rick for his support in providing examples of what Lee Terry had accomplished. Dan, Dave, & Cheryl were trying to accomplish something. Thanks for not falling for that trap.

Have a GREAT unexpected day.

That was a Fantastic Undiscovered Night

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

That was

Any Questions
Any Questions

I’m pretty proud.

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

I also have to say that there were text received, that were not from me, so no good stories there.

The best story I have has already been told over and over. (song below). NOW the text I received in reply was interesting to say the list. BUT hey, I asked yesterday ‘Who Loved Me’ I guess someone out there isn’t afraid to say it.

Also yesterday I was texting my friend A.S. and she mentioned a path that she decided to take. I’ve also been debating that same path, well she did decided to do it. So I guess that proverbial ball is in my court. You know I do like a good game of racket ball. You know I did play a game once.

So I just installed Firefox on my phone, the app is 48+ MB. I moved to the SD card and it is telling me it is now 2.42 MB with 21.79 MB of data. That is interesting, cause the only think I’ve done so far is open it. I have a feeling this one will be uninstalled pretty soon.

The word of the day is yawp which is to utter a loud, harsh cry; to yelp; squawk, or bawl.

I’ve got more to come, I’m sure.

Where Are Your Glasses?

Good Morning & Happy FNP,

That’s a good question, they are on my bathroom counter.

Today is Friday 04/19/V3.3 & it is an I can’t wait to see you again kinda day.

I knew I didn’t have my glasses on when I went in the kitchen.I just didn’t take the time to put them on. I can see MOST thing just fine. I know your smile.

Although Tamara is at Walmart ® to help, misses her bed, she has no clue what a plum is.

Check out my plums

These are plums. I thought they looked good, but they could be NOT GOOD.

The word of the day is cornice which is a mass of snow, ice, etc., projecting over a mountain.

So let’s run down Vernon J’s agenda today.

A. Leave home – done
B. Catch #OMetro Route 2 – done
C. Wait on a street corner – done
I. Get passed by the bus driver – done
II. Don’t save this post – done
III. Laugh – done (more than once so far)
D. Get on #OMetro Route 13 – done
E. Smile – done
F. Get some plums, an apple, and talk about Tamara’s bed – done.
G. Get to work & post this entry. – done.

Have a FanTasTic day everyone.

This is draft number III.

My Evening Report

Well the 1st Day of the 3 day weekend went off without a hitch.

NO one told me that they hated me, it happened to Navarr. I even made someone call, I said Billy’s Hot Dog Show & it was just a regular Billy’s Dog Show. Good Times.

Okay, now I eat some food & take some drugs. Isn’t my life grand. btw I don’t like these drugs.

Resource officer uses taser on student

LAKELAND – A Lakeland police officer said he had no other choice than to use his Taser on a 13-year-old student at Southwest Middle School.

According to the arrest report, student Unique Young had been removed from class for acting up. However, she refused to sit in the office and wait for her parents to come pick her up.

The school’s resource officer, Edward Lori, was alerted of Young’s refusal to wait in the front office. The police report says Lori joined the confrontation between Young and the dean of students in the hallway of the school. Continue reading “Resource officer uses taser on student”


female’s fb status it tastes like a smoothie! *Sputnik*

Vernon 3.0 is Coming!


I thought Local Politics were about substance, not parties.  Maybe it’s different now